Friday, 18 April 2008


It's turning spring which generally means mud and seeding and shaving the cat. It's really unusually warm for Saskatchewan at this time of year, but I'm not going to complain-especially since we are due for snow on the weekend. Nothing gold can stay blah blah. I got to get some of my dye stuff out and muck with that, so I'm relatively happy. I would be more happy if I could find my thiourea dioxide. Ah It'll turn up eventually, my misplaced chemicals usually do (and not always in the ground water).

Someone found crocuses and brought them to work so I went to look for some today without success. I did manage to find the first crawly bug of the season on my neck however and take some pictures while out wandering. I like the mud pool in this one:

I admit I am ambivalent to my home. Sometimes I think I would like to live elsewhere, but I don't know if I could ever get too far away from the prairie sky. At least I'm not sure I could do this and guarantee that everyone would survive it.

Hey look, it's also time for the grader to throw all the gravel in the ditch.


mem said...

The exposure on the top picture is pretty good. If my judgment is at all accurate. Ha.

There is sky in lots of places. If you're dendrophobic, you could always look into something like Kansas. Of course, then you have to deal with tornados.

It has been 80 here the past couple days, though it's supposed to not top 60 tomorrow. Two days of driving with the windows down and I'm already freckling on the arms. Woot.

separateunion said...

Exactly how is my Ford Focus supposed to make it up that driveway when I come to visit?

mem said...

I mean that the Word regenerates (this is pretty explicit, I think, in 1Pe 1 and other places). Preaching is the usual way people hear the Word, but I am willing to entertain the idea that the Word is also effective in the Eucharist or Baptism. I'm a little uneasy about that because it seems to smack of baptismal regeneration.

By the time you get there, SU, it'll be overgrown with all the plants Char uses to make her dyes, so you're probably safe from the mud.

separateunion said...

What's a Bimmer?

mem said...

I thought I left a comment here before. I don't know what happened to it. It was something to the effect that I think living water is the Spirit acting with the Word. The water is the Word itself (cf Ep 5.26, Ti 3.5, Jn 3.5, etc) and the Spirit makes it "move." So I would agree with you that the Spirit is active in regeneration; but I don't want to remove the Word from it, as it's included explicitly in 1Pe 1, twice.

separateunion said...

That would be a Beemer, and what makes you think I could even afford one?