Wednesday, 27 September 2006

See ya

I will be gone for the next few weeks on vacation. I know this will break the hearts of all two of you, but rest assured I will miss my regular blog addiction more than anyone in the blogosphere will miss me. :) Of course by the time I get back, it will be about time for my monthly post.

Someday I'll become less of a slacker, but maybe later, at a more convenient time.

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

You think to escape, but it can not be

Earlier parts of the saga are here. :)

Once Alexander was gone, his authority (and therefore the battle against Arius) would fall to his protege Athanasius. I am sure he had no warning of how much trouble the Arians would be. Then again, I am also sure they were completely unaware that one little man could create such colossal havoc for their evil cause.
Though the Son knew-from eternity past of course.

I FINALLY got a reasonable colour on the noil for Athanasius.
I initially used synthetic dye with acid and it went frickin purple! (I think the shelf life on those particular dyes is about over) a quick tea dye browned it a bit. Then I worked on it with an entire bottle of silk dye-and ran out of that. Last attempt was multiple extractions from walnuts and tea bags (no less than 7) allowed to reduce down into concentrated stock, a long hot soak and finally a post-mordant of iron to react with the tannin (decided against chrome when I changed the layout). It is still a dark medium brown-I would have liked it darker and I may do a second dip with the tannin/iron if I feel so moved. But I don't think I am going to be able to get a really dark shade on that particular fabric. Much of the first dyebath rinsed out.

Athanasius has proven as troublesome to me as he was to Arian heretics. I have been trying to print out the pattern and used a good 50 pieces of paper before I got something approaching the correct size (stupid printer! When I type 20 inches into the size box that means it should print to that size!!) >:(

It also took one heck of a lot of pondering (granted I was listening to on the computer at the time) to come up with a solution to creating a raised form of the coptic textile I am using for the background. I was thinking of carving, molding, lying-the final winner was to syringe it on to paper using gesso. I was surprised that it worked (especially given the heaviness of the silk), though I will have to be careful with the rubbing as the design is only slightly raised.

I am almost afraid to begin work on the actual piece! Perhaps I've already run my stream of crappy luck with this one. What else is going to happen?!

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

New Links

I've added a few more blogs to my little list which in no way reflects my voracious blog reading habit(Pyromaniacs has blogrolled most of the blogs I like for me-though purgatorio is special so has it's own link :) ).
I know darn well there are other art and craft blogs I had wanted to add and now I've forgotten and lost them. Ah well they'll turn up again.

I am not writing since I am not really doing anything. Not that it matters anyway. Bah.

I did find yet another lovely jacket pattern today, heh. Also after searching high and low for a place that sells Lampe Bergers, I managed to get ahold of one in cosmopolitan Yorkton of all places. It works too! My house does not reek of Sam the Stinkbaum anymore, though he'll soon fix that by his mere stenchy existence. I own the stinkiest dog that ever lived.