Saturday, 22 July 2006

It's just a matter of time...

Before I get back to work on projects!

I have started a new job at the local regional care home and been working rather regularly (though I am casual). I am trying hard not to make too many mistakes-I feel sorry for the old people who have to put up with me learning. I do make pretty good money at it, plus I am in the health region now so maybe I will be able to get on at the hospital.

I FINALLY received my paintstiks (!!!!) which were ordered back in May and sent to me twice, and now I can start work on Athanasius. It has taken many more months than I expected to assemble the materials for that.

On the CIP front, I have had this one 90% finished for a few weeks (heh), finally got the central logo on there.

A Matter of Time, acrylic, ink and pen

This is one of the Mayan calendars, the Tzolkin (calendar round). I wanted a rounded mandala style for this piece and felt the Mayan would be suitable, as this was a highly advanced ritualistic society which mysteriously devolved and disappeared, almost lost forever in the process. It seemed fitting to use not only a system of measuring time, but the system of a society whose time ran out long before the auspicious 2012 forcasted date. One never does know when one's time is up.

Well, alright, and I think Mayan stuff looks cool. If anyone wants a stela style date, I have been known to make them...:)