Sunday, 26 March 2006

Help Me Up

The last intelligible thing my dad ever said to us. Not a profound or deep soliloquy like in the movies, just simple "help me up." So we raised the head of his bed like he liked it.
He had already said all he needed to say.



Wednesday, 15 March 2006

(unhappy face here)

Depression isn't all it's cracked up to be. You know with so many people being depressed and on zoloft these days, you'd think it must be so great. Or at least so cool. Here's a news flash: that's so not true.

Alright, I'm not posting anything because I'm not really doing anything. Personal care. Being driven crazy by well meaning people in denial and yelling at them. But not much else.

I did get a nice surprise though, in the form of my self portrait quilt being published by Quilting Arts (in the spring issue). I'm less psyched about that than I was when I discovered my piece had been chosen to tour. Most of the people I know are more excited than I am about it.
So I thought maybe I'm a little out of sorts over everything that is happening, and that's been the state of my life for the last while. I don't really feel like doing much and I'll just have to wait until I feel better. I work too much on whims and fancies. Ah well, that's what being temperamental is all about.

I did some decos the other day and that improved my mood a little. So once the family is no longer taking over my house like a giant speading fungus of destruction, maybe I will get to work on Athanasius. I have decided how he will look and just need to get around to the actual work. I also am starting work on CIP again, after a fairly long hiatus in the project. I am working on Augustine now. It's slow going, but I still intend to finish.

Sometimes things just take a little longer.