Wednesday, 28 June 2006

A Quarter of the Way!!

Here are numbers 51-53 of the CIP-the solos, encompassing both those from CITAS and Farewell by way of depicting both of Bob's guitars (well guitar and controller) and two Keyboards for John's.

They are ambigrams or inversions. If you turn the sheet upside down they will read the same. This is why they look rather odd. Louie's solo (in the centre) was particularly difficult to invert, and I know it's practically impossible to read too. Ah well. I used pencil crayon for the backgrounds and inks for the lettering. They were designed to reside on a single sheet, the first of the smaller non-ATC pieces done.

I am finally getting to the pieces that are on hold because they need "sheetmates" for lack of a better word. I needed to have most of the pieces designed before they could be rendered so I could figure out how to put them together. I do have about 125 of them designed, and just over the number of the praise albums stumping me. I now officially have more than a quarter of the project finished-if I don't get a move on I won't be finished until 2009. Of course I don't plan on having the project sit at a complete standstill for six months again either.

Useless piece of information: while doing this I got acetone on the computer desk and now there is a lovely bubble in the finish. :-(

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

An Angora Goatlet

As you can see, I made something with the mohair-a little goat. :) He is needle felted, and I kept the locks to make him somewhat realistic. One of his eyes is bigger than the other but I think he is still pretty cute. This is the second piece I've needlefelted, and I managed to poke myself a number of times-good thing I got a tetanus shot last fall.

I am going to give him to the lady that gave me the mohair-I figure she must like goats since she has one...I also want to make a little bag or box for it, and am thinking I will wet felt that. I am going to dye the fibre for it-and I will probably comb the fibres to prepare them-OooO.

I got myself some mini combs and have been spinning up some of the mohair into a laceweight yarn. I have to admit that though the spinning is enjoyable, it is more a means to an end-I have to do something with all the fibre I am combing. I love combing! I can't explain it. Maybe it goes back to childhood and brushing doll hair, I don't know. It can become very rhythmic and therapeutic anyway. I didn't want to abandon the combing to eat and sleep for the first few days for heaven's sake. I never claimed to be a normal person.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

No Doubt

Hey I'm on a roll with CIP-and I even managed to get the foot high grass cut in between. Here is the 49th:

No Doubt, pencil crayon

I have often said this is the most tear-jerky song Petra ever wrote. However the last line of the chorus is one I've often pondered and I think is quite profound in it's simplicity. This particular piece is a representation of that line. I wanted to severely crop the hand so it would look a bit odd and hopefully focus on that little seed.

Oh and the line is: "After all is done we find out all we really need to have is no doubt." I thought of holding on to faith (no doubt) through many years and to the detriment of everything else. At first I wanted to draw a scrap which could look worn and old like it had been held on to through hell, but then I thought I should go to more traditional symbolism of the seed. I still dunno if I should have done that though...well I'm good at second guessing.

With completion of this piece I can now delete the 25 pictures I took of my hand with the macro lens from my camera. That will leave only the piccies of the tiles for Magic Words; since I need spray laquer I can't get to that one yet.

Monday, 5 June 2006

Send Revival...

My dedication to CIP (and dressing and bathing and getting out of bed-you know life in general) is reviving. So I am trying hard right now to crack the 50 mark, and in the last couple of days I've completed four pieces, bringing me to a so-close 47. Yes I know then I'll only have 150 songs left...I seem to have miscounted as I keep turning up with 203-206 depending on which songs I include, rather than the former 211. I don't know if I pulled that number out of my rear end or what.

I am unhappy that I will have to move into abstract expressionist territory with most of the praise songs (that is like 30 songs) as they have no real concepts to work with. PPII in particular is giving me trouble; that I have not completed a single song from that album is pretty telling.
This is one of the ones I did indeed have a concept for, abstract yeah, but still somewhat figurative if you look closely enough. I do hope Bob is not an iconoclast...well I am going to stick with my theory that he is a Lutheran which will make it alright. This was originally a sketch in a journal about total depravity (yes I wrote an illustrated book about depravity-it doesn't look as bad as you might think) of Isaiah's vision, which was quoted in the song.

Send Revival Start With Me, watercolour.

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Homeless Few

I used a few techniques on this one. Inks, paints and oils distressed the cardboard. The figure is drawn on bond paper which was then oiled and covered in sepia ink in the back (the back of the drawing is the front of the piece if that makes sense). I painted the colours in inks and chalks with acrylic for the white, and also painted the other side of the piece white to bring the figure to the fore. The piece is applied to the cardboard with matte gel medium.
Though it is predominantly brown, as one can see it does include blue and an orangy-red, as per my scheme. :)
While the line "under the red white and blue" is a specifically American reference, they certainly haven't cornered the market on callousness, so I created a ragged patchwork of various red white and blue flags trying to cover and obscure the problem of inconvenient persons. Of course the cardboard signifies the way we view so many people in our society as disposable.