Tuesday, 6 June 2006

No Doubt

Hey I'm on a roll with CIP-and I even managed to get the foot high grass cut in between. Here is the 49th:

No Doubt, pencil crayon

I have often said this is the most tear-jerky song Petra ever wrote. However the last line of the chorus is one I've often pondered and I think is quite profound in it's simplicity. This particular piece is a representation of that line. I wanted to severely crop the hand so it would look a bit odd and hopefully focus on that little seed.

Oh and the line is: "After all is done we find out all we really need to have is no doubt." I thought of holding on to faith (no doubt) through many years and to the detriment of everything else. At first I wanted to draw a scrap which could look worn and old like it had been held on to through hell, but then I thought I should go to more traditional symbolism of the seed. I still dunno if I should have done that though...well I'm good at second guessing.

With completion of this piece I can now delete the 25 pictures I took of my hand with the macro lens from my camera. That will leave only the piccies of the tiles for Magic Words; since I need spray laquer I can't get to that one yet.


mem said...

I cower in shame at not knowing the original six hockey teams. I am an abhominable hockey fan.

For "No Doubt," maybe Mark 11.22. But look at the Greek: "Hold on to God's faithfulness."

mem said...

The great thing is that it's based off of Chuck Norris Facts, which were a one-week flash-in-the-pan wonder at work. But we often laughed at, "Chuck Norris has two speeds: walk and kill." (Among others.) So the Kynge Richard facts were doubly hilarious to me.

marc said...

Wow Char! You have been busy lately. Hey, thanks for straightening out the ever repetitive iconoclasts over at my blog, it does get a tad annoying at times.