Wednesday, 31 October 2007

95 Theses and Beer on the Wall

Happy 490th Reformation day peeps!!

And without further ado, my attire for the day, the Calvin hat.

This is the only picture without the book (my copy of the institutes vol 1), and unfortunately, just about the only one where I am not pissing myself laughing. I was trying to look austere and Calvin-like which did not work and only served to make us laugh harder. I should post the "thinking about Pelagius" picture, that one is fricking hilarious.

And yeah I am working today and that is a uniform.

Monday, 29 October 2007

20/20 Vision

God Fixation; ink and crowquill pen

I'm not crazy about the last one, and especially the way it looks in the scan. I posted it mostly because of it's relation to the Athanasius piece. Anyway I want to bump it, so here is this one.

This is all ink, done with a crowquill (the lettering is done with a c4 and c5). The scan makes it look black and blue, but it is in fact brown and blue. This (along with Stand) was the second idea utilizing the shield of the trinity. I decided to put it in latin for some reason. I dunno, that "deus" in the middle of that dilated pupil just looks cool. And I wanted it to be at least a little less man-centred than the actual song is.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

You Are the Holy One

Hallowed Be Thy Name, machine embroidered with metallic threads on silk noil and dupioni.

This has not translated in the scan well at all. I am still debating how I feel about the actual piece, particularly since it was a test piece for Athanasius. I know he has been languishing in his desert exile for almost a year; hanging out with Antony, writing subversive letters and whatnot. As history bore out, those complete losers Eusebius and Constantius couldn't keep him down and he is gearing for a triumphal return. There will probably be some rioting in the near future.

Anyway I am not so proficient with my machine work these days (especially since I am still getting used to teh noo machine), so it's a good thing I tried this out. The metallics of course don't show up the way they should. The gold is the only one you can really see in the scan, however in the actual piece I am thinking it is too distracting. I think I need to keep playing with thread colours. I like the copper and I think I am going to go tonal and eliminate the gold. We'll see.

This is the first CIP piece I've done since we ripped up the back room-yes I am still working on it! I'm still not finished the art room-I have to make the curtains and set up the paper hangers yet. There were other minor things I was intending on, but I am getting tired of it and I think that once those two things are done then so is the room.

My hands smell like oil paint from the paintstiks....since you all think I stink anyway, it doesn't matter.

Monday, 22 October 2007

You Have NO Idea

Many of us in the field watched this program with interest;


It's certainly true that long term facilities become "dumping grounds" and by no means provide care only for the frail elderly. The thing is, long term beds are cheap and psych beds very expensive and at a premium-many psych centers have been closed and are no longer options.

I take exception to the assertion that this behavior is accepted by staff-there is only so much staff CAN do. The model of care is anarchistic and over and OVER we hear that these people have the right to integrate. It's like everything, we hear that segregation of problem people is unfair to them, just as it is on the other end in schools-and everyone else has to lump it.

I am reminded however that at the same time people are horrified by segufixes.

Ach with the baby boomers and their absolute demand for personal autonomy aging, expect things to get shittier.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Petra is the BGM of the Rest of My Life Too

For my auntie; this is the way one of my mail art friends folded the zine she created, which I find easier to demonstrate than explain. I thought it was ingenious. The most work would be in setting up the original to be copied.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

To A Friend

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

I think more than anything, you exuded this love. You were one of the most joyful, open and loving people I think I've ever met. I wish I could have known you longer, that I could trade places with you. I am lazy and selfish and I know the world would miss me less than it will you. Such irony that those who are so full of life should lose it, while those of us who waste it are left to continue floating along. The world is still unjust still fallen.

I remind myself that our enemy has been and is being defeated-yet he still manages to get his swipes in. Such an ugly, even if temporary, separation.

I have to say I'll never be able to forget the "man under the bridge" story. If we see each other in the new earth perhaps I will say "but can you describe his face?" hee.