Monday, 29 October 2007

20/20 Vision

God Fixation; ink and crowquill pen

I'm not crazy about the last one, and especially the way it looks in the scan. I posted it mostly because of it's relation to the Athanasius piece. Anyway I want to bump it, so here is this one.

This is all ink, done with a crowquill (the lettering is done with a c4 and c5). The scan makes it look black and blue, but it is in fact brown and blue. This (along with Stand) was the second idea utilizing the shield of the trinity. I decided to put it in latin for some reason. I dunno, that "deus" in the middle of that dilated pupil just looks cool. And I wanted it to be at least a little less man-centred than the actual song is.


mem said...

The reworking of the focus is good; that remains my biggest complaint about God Fixation. I like the use of the Latin, also—I need to make a trip to an old church sometime.

I don't think that 200-year-old petrified pine is nearly as mean as sleeping in crocs and skinny jeans. I actually hesitated to throw that one, and then I thought about sleeping with a Monsanto stuffed I went with the former.

What does K'Cheet mean?

And the state of my underwear is a matter of national security. Have you ever seen The Skidmark Safe?

mem said...

Re: praise music.

Some of the new songs are okay; while they usually lack theological depth, at least a few writers understand that worship is rooted in who God is, and their lyrics show it.

But there's still a substantial underappreciation for the gospel; so God of Wonders really does concentrate on who God is and his power expressed through creation (at least in the first verse), but seems to miss the fact that the ultimate expression of his majesty and power is at the cross.

One of the unfortunate consequences of the current "Go" mentality of evangelism is that the church hears less and less of the gospel, and it's reflected in our worship, I think.

Can you do anything with cfsymosb?

separateunion said...

I am a big fan of the facebook group "Praise Bands Annoy God" myself.

mem said...

I don't really think hymns are all that and a bag of crisps, though I think they are written better as a rule (i.e., with more thought put into the wording, composition, and other elements besides the music that evoke emotions and help to cement the lessons in our minds).

I guess my objections cut both ways in the sense that there are certainly people who have an emotional attachment to hymns that belies the doctrinal content of the songs, though I feel that the P/W movement has changed the mode of worship in an explicit effort to emotionalize it.

separateunion said...

See, what you don't understand is, the Wii isn't "just" a video game system. It is so much more. It is a social networking tool. Seriously. Just ask mem!

mem said...

At least I don't look ten years old all the time, like SOME people. Ahem.

separateunion said...

Char looks like she's ten? I'll admit, her picture on the zone makes her look about 17, but I haven't seen any other pictures of her, so I can't really say for sure...