Monday, 30 May 2005


I managed to get the commission I am doing about 75% done before making an unfixable mistake. I had to do a large lettered memoral panel and had about 60 names finished before I realized I had mixed the names from 2003 and 2004 together. How can I fix that? I'll have to start over again, ruling and all.
I have to write sideways (I'm left-handed)-my hand and neck are killing me and I have nothing to show for it. I am to tired to be as pissed off as I should. I have to admit I had thought I should stop for the night before I got to that part-why didn't I listen to myself?!

**Edit-by the time I get this done I will be a gothic script master! (oops almost wrote mater heheh )
The second time around I decided to widen the bottom margin by one row, and yes that's right, I got to the last five names or so and realized I did not have the room. Attempt three seems to be going better, and the cat now enjoys playing with mistakes one and two on the floor.
I have too many other things to be annoyed and stressed about (Canada freakin Post) to really be bothered by this. This is a new feeling for me...

I do however think that if it gets into the double digits for attempts, I'll start getting a little unhappy (ie throwing things) about it.

Saturday, 21 May 2005

I love New Ideas

It's finishing them once they get old that's the problem.
The beginnings of my Complete Illustrated Petra, which I am staying up nights with good ideas working on. Just wait till I start that tempera piece of St. Augustine.
Oy! Are all artists this obsessive?

Saturday, 14 May 2005

More thoughts on Petra

Outside of just AAAWWWW.
For you non-Petra lovers (weirdos!), just move right along...

I was playing with the idea of creating a Complete Illustrated Petra about a year ago (before life fell in on me) and now that I know they are retiring, I am once again considering it (even with all the smoldering ruins about). Well it may be therapeutic to revisit things that have made me happy, and the music of Petra was certainly one of those things. Plus now I can truly make it 'complete'.

The plan was to compile all the sketches I had done of their songs, add new ones to finish it out and send it to Bob-maybe he'll enjoy seeing some of the odder takes on his tunes. This is what I spent most of my school time doing, BTW; illustrating Petra songs. Petra rocked and school sucked-so not like I felt bad about it or anything. Some of those drawings go all the way back to when I was about thirteen-and no I never throw away priceless treasures like that. I have boxes upon boxes of old drawings. I have no more room and so am now trying to train myself to a sketch book-it is a slow process.

Anyway, at the Guide to Petra site, they set up a tribute page. I decided to write one and it unexpectedly became rather horrendously long-I got all longwinded at the end especially. Then I forgot to add line breaks-duh. **They fixed it! My tribute is now here all nicely formatted. There are a ton of them there now.

Hee, everyone else's is all 'they meant so much to me' and 'they were a big influence on my life', and mine is all theology and Soli Deo Gloria...I'm such a freak. Hopefully I didn't sound like a pretentious prig. I didn't, right? Right?

Thursday, 12 May 2005


It is Finished

My favorite band since I was 12. Their last album really rocked after a long period of mediocre stuff too...
Ah all good things must come to an end.