Monday, 30 May 2005


I managed to get the commission I am doing about 75% done before making an unfixable mistake. I had to do a large lettered memoral panel and had about 60 names finished before I realized I had mixed the names from 2003 and 2004 together. How can I fix that? I'll have to start over again, ruling and all.
I have to write sideways (I'm left-handed)-my hand and neck are killing me and I have nothing to show for it. I am to tired to be as pissed off as I should. I have to admit I had thought I should stop for the night before I got to that part-why didn't I listen to myself?!

**Edit-by the time I get this done I will be a gothic script master! (oops almost wrote mater heheh )
The second time around I decided to widen the bottom margin by one row, and yes that's right, I got to the last five names or so and realized I did not have the room. Attempt three seems to be going better, and the cat now enjoys playing with mistakes one and two on the floor.
I have too many other things to be annoyed and stressed about (Canada freakin Post) to really be bothered by this. This is a new feeling for me...

I do however think that if it gets into the double digits for attempts, I'll start getting a little unhappy (ie throwing things) about it.

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