Monday, 17 September 2007

Now would be the time

To speak up and make whatever requests you may have of me. You know, art, hits, whatever. I only have a year of wasted youth left and I am sure that at the end of it I will dissolve into a gurgling puddle of goo.

Since my laziness is well documented get your applications in now. No guarantee I'll actually do it of course, but if you wait you won't get the warm feeling that comes with wondering what the hell I am doing instead of the art/hit/etc.


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I Has Noo Toi!

Now I don't really need a new sewing machine but I am a brand loyal sort of person so every time I go to the quilt store I always look at Janomes (and as a brand-loyal person, I have always wondered if the e is silent or not. I usually say it, but the lady at the store did not and that just opens that right up again). Anyway the mechanical version of the QC is on promotion in all Janome dealerships, which makes me wonder if they are phasing it out-I am wary of computerized models in a completely luddite sort of way, and the thought made me kind of want to buy one while they are still around.
So they were basically throwing in the table for the price of the machine (the tables are usually extra and they make you pay lots of money. Everyone is taking lessons from Apple on How to Charge Extra for Everything and Still Have Idiots Buy Your Stuff these days)...Mama made me buy it. No really I was buying other stuff and she said "oh and she'll take the machine too". Mama likes making executive decisions like that. Then she said later "I guess I could have bought it for you for your birthday or at least gone halfs." Yeah that probably would have been nice.
Oh well. I got a table-and quickly disabused mama of the idea that I was getting rid of the old machine. HA!

Now I just have two of them.