Monday, 18 July 2005


I will make the effort to post more often. Really really. I need to move beyond the idea stage for so many projects. I especially need some spare motivation. I wish I could buy some from a more ambitious person than I-they sell everything else on ebay, why not motivation?
Anyway, this is what I made today:

Simple, yeah, but I think it's cute. The petals are silk fusion-I love silk fusion SO much-I have some tussah fiber that I hate to spin just because it is so lovely as is, and fusion doesn't seem like such a drastic change to it to me. The center is punchneedle. I do hope the person this is going to likes it!

Saturday, 16 July 2005

Self Portrait in Blue and Red

Another Deco! For a 'true colours' challenge, which stipulates using a very narrow palette-one or two colours. I blurred the image abit to take some of the paint lines off, but it looks a little weird from that, doesn't it?
I was looking over my artwork about a year ago, and noticed how often I used red and blue-I've since tried to move away from it. See the fabric and paper deco for an out-of-comfort-zone colour combination.
However, since these are still my favorite two colours and favorite combination I entered the challenge just for the pleasure of using it again! :)
I used a photo of myself, and altered it to get the high contrast and so on. Then I painted from that with acrylics-went a little wonky though. Ah well, I think it turned out okay-except that my nose doesn't look sausagey enough.

ETA: here is the original picture (yeah I always look weird in pictures) see the distinctly sausage-like quality of my nose-->
short and fat.