Monday, 17 September 2007

Now would be the time

To speak up and make whatever requests you may have of me. You know, art, hits, whatever. I only have a year of wasted youth left and I am sure that at the end of it I will dissolve into a gurgling puddle of goo.

Since my laziness is well documented get your applications in now. No guarantee I'll actually do it of course, but if you wait you won't get the warm feeling that comes with wondering what the hell I am doing instead of the art/hit/etc.



mem said...

Ha. Well, you have been promising me a clinja avatar for awhile now..... I always feel bad asking people to do things for me, especially when I suck at reciprocity.

Well, you'd best milk this year for all it's worth. Which shouldn't be too hard, given all the cows that live near you.

Anonymous said...

So what is happening in a year to prevent you from producing brilliant and inspired art? Are you turning 29 on your next birthday? If so, don't worry about it because the 30's are waaay better than being 20-something.


mem said...

Also, I blame your country for the recent influx of pharmacy spam that has been clogging up my mailbox. Yet more evidence that government sponsored healthcare is evil.