Thursday, 4 October 2007

To A Friend

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

I think more than anything, you exuded this love. You were one of the most joyful, open and loving people I think I've ever met. I wish I could have known you longer, that I could trade places with you. I am lazy and selfish and I know the world would miss me less than it will you. Such irony that those who are so full of life should lose it, while those of us who waste it are left to continue floating along. The world is still unjust still fallen.

I remind myself that our enemy has been and is being defeated-yet he still manages to get his swipes in. Such an ugly, even if temporary, separation.

I have to say I'll never be able to forget the "man under the bridge" story. If we see each other in the new earth perhaps I will say "but can you describe his face?" hee.


mem said...


mem said...

Somehow this comment box got turned into RTL. Hopefully it won't screw up on your view.

I am not ignoring you—it's your turn, isn't it? If I wanted to ignore you, I would not talk to you, and I would probably put up

"Ignoring Char since 1981"

on my header.

mem said...

Okay, so the first comment was supposed to be blank. My way of saying, "Hey, I read this, but I have nothing to say (for once)."

And it's so your turn.