Wednesday, 31 October 2007

95 Theses and Beer on the Wall

Happy 490th Reformation day peeps!!

And without further ado, my attire for the day, the Calvin hat.

This is the only picture without the book (my copy of the institutes vol 1), and unfortunately, just about the only one where I am not pissing myself laughing. I was trying to look austere and Calvin-like which did not work and only served to make us laugh harder. I should post the "thinking about Pelagius" picture, that one is fricking hilarious.

And yeah I am working today and that is a uniform.


gwensmom said...

OMG you look just like him!

mem said...

Haha! True. Weren't you going to show a picture of your grandma in the hat, too?

You are looking petulant, as usual.

And that is why you look ten.

Char said...

BWAHHAHAAHAH I laughed so hard when I read that!

separateunion said...

Ah, *now* I see it. She really does look 10 in this picture.

The glasses are a nice touch to complete the nerdy look, although I think it retracts from the authenticity of Reformation day as everyone knows that all good Reformers were blessed with perfect eyesight.

mem said...

Probably because you're barely containing your laughter. Petulance and mischievous are two looks you will probably never have to practice.

You know, the days may come when you are glad and/or flattered that people think you're younger than you really are. Even if they are psych patients. No one will mistake me for being eighteen again, even if I do shave—that's probably because I am losing my hair, though.

The word is sceox, which has to be some kind of mutated Saskatchewanese cow.

mem said...

For you, petulance and laughter are pretty close to the same thing. Haha.

And now I understand. Did you take a knife-stick to work?

mem said...

To clarify, petulance is the sort of thing you associate with younger and older people; whoever heard of a petulant 37 year old? (29? ahahahaha) It accents your youthfulness.

Now my next question is, where is your "Thinking about Pelagius" picture? And it's totally your turn.

mem said...

It was a weak moment. And it's the only song of theirs I know. So mock away. Stinker.

And it's totally your turn. Do you ignore your spam box? I must have gotten something in there from the references to stocks, Joel Osteen, and pharmacies.

Yes, I gather our taste in music is utterly different. I'm not sure how you got into Petra; at least I have an excuse of not actually listening to anything else.

And be thankful I haven't yet maligned your name on the Zone yet. I have been sorely tempted, but the Lord has provided me a way out each time. The dilly about turds and eaten artwork was the best I could come up with otherwise. I'll have to plan a better one soon.

mem said...

Oh, and you should post the picture anyway. It's not like we don't have enough ammo on you already.

Well, don't post the picture if it's compromising.

Like a picture of you thinking about Pelagius with a thought bubble that's like, "I love you."

Then I would laugh at you and possibly off you with the rest of your family.

mem said...

So many things happened this week. Like, I made a hot toddy in your honor (honour?), but I didn't drink it. My glass had been infected with lemon juice, and it didn't mix well with the Bailey's.

Then Pyromaniacs had a post that made me laugh, because it links John Owen, repentence, and Roundup, which, if I recall correctly, is made by Satan's own company, Monsanto. Hahaha.

Other things happened, too. But They weren't as exciting.

mem said...

This should remind you of something.

You're supposed to be back from your trek to violence, aren't you?

mem said...

You'll be happy to know that the floor is almost as white as you are, which will probably highlight whatever presents unnamed members of my family might choose to leave there.

The color scheme actually is probably not your "style" per se, but it's not bad. I'll have some pictures as I'm able.

Since you're completely unreasonable, I won't even bother telling you how difficult it was to send you my germs all the way from my home to Saskatoon, and how proud I was to be able to finally figure out how to do spooky action at a distance on command.

The verification word is hbwbyyd—which should be some kind of Celtic game.

mem said...

I guess I did share that comic with you.

I assumed your priorities were blue and red for some reason; I don't think you condemn other colors for heretics, but whatever. The base is a pretty dark brown (goes with your presents motif, I guess), but we are accenting with goldenrod, olive, and a not-quite-rust red. Mother is doing the sewing and found the fabric for it.

Again, as soon as all the curtains and things are done, I'll have pictures.

The thought just occurred to me that I have no life.

separateunion said...


mem said...

Moar comments plz kthxbye.

mem said...

I was going to write, "You wench," but went with the other.

I think I had 24 emails this morning, of which roughly four were junk and the rest were your comments.

You cannot blame this on a screwdriver. It is your own twisted psyche. Be on the watch for retribution!!!!!!!

Or something.

Oh, and I had a dream with you in it last night, sort of.

mem said...

You shall see my blend of retribution. Bwahaha.

I pieced it together as I read. Something along the lines of "Hay, remember that time that I was a real stinker and made a mess of EVERYTHING?"

At least you didn't write the whole thing in lolcats.

The only place you'll ever beat me is in your dreams, honey. Bring it, that's all I'm sayin.

I seem to remember going to your place, whereupon you promptly left. I think I was not wearing deodorant in my dream or something.

mem said...

The issue was that there was a giant party or something going on, too, and it definitely looked more like New England than Saskatchewan. And my grandmother was there for some reason.

I don't remember much else. But you were gone for a long time. I can't believe that shovels are in any way in short supply where you live. Or in New England.

If you are really going to use weapons on me, you should use something lighter. Your weapons will become ineffective when I close the distance. So you should also have a knife. That means that you need a weapon in one hand that's light and fairly length (I don't know, like a knife stick) and a knife in the other hand once I flow past your outer defenses.

My guess is that we were setting up the ksmoD and that you were out looking for naginata. Your dog was no where to be found and did not bother me in the least.

There was hardwood in the house though.

Anonymous said...

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Char said...