Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bleed Green Baby

Boo YA


I still hate Kent Austin, just so you know. But perhaps he will prove himself useful once again. He does seem a little less arrogant these days.
Now back to the regular schedule...



mem said...

No need for baby talk in the comments, I can understand you just fine thank you.

We did win. The stat lines were redonkulous. We finally shut the trap of their extremely talkative running back, who went 0-4 against us for his career. He will graduate having never beaten Ohio State. Go Blow, as they say.

If we had lost, I would probably have been completely incommunicado the entire weekend.

mem said...

You mean juju's not a baby word?

mem said...

Did your DSL get blown over by a plough wind or something? It's totally your turn.

Thanksgiving tomorrow. There had better be pumpkin pie.

mem said...

False. I send replies and you obviously delete them to taunt me later. Check your email now, doofus.

Also, the verification word is "woyists," which is some kind of world-soy enthusiast.