Wednesday, 14 June 2006

An Angora Goatlet

As you can see, I made something with the mohair-a little goat. :) He is needle felted, and I kept the locks to make him somewhat realistic. One of his eyes is bigger than the other but I think he is still pretty cute. This is the second piece I've needlefelted, and I managed to poke myself a number of times-good thing I got a tetanus shot last fall.

I am going to give him to the lady that gave me the mohair-I figure she must like goats since she has one...I also want to make a little bag or box for it, and am thinking I will wet felt that. I am going to dye the fibre for it-and I will probably comb the fibres to prepare them-OooO.

I got myself some mini combs and have been spinning up some of the mohair into a laceweight yarn. I have to admit that though the spinning is enjoyable, it is more a means to an end-I have to do something with all the fibre I am combing. I love combing! I can't explain it. Maybe it goes back to childhood and brushing doll hair, I don't know. It can become very rhythmic and therapeutic anyway. I didn't want to abandon the combing to eat and sleep for the first few days for heaven's sake. I never claimed to be a normal person.


DSL Flock to Fiber said...

Char, That is so sweet of you, I am a fan of Angora Goats. Well actually I have a herd of them. You see I raise them and sell the mohair for doll hair. But this little guy is the cutest! keep crafting you have a great artistic talent! Linda

Char said...

Thanks for the comment Linda.
Your guard llama (alpaca?) is cute!