Wednesday, 28 June 2006

A Quarter of the Way!!

Here are numbers 51-53 of the CIP-the solos, encompassing both those from CITAS and Farewell by way of depicting both of Bob's guitars (well guitar and controller) and two Keyboards for John's.

They are ambigrams or inversions. If you turn the sheet upside down they will read the same. This is why they look rather odd. Louie's solo (in the centre) was particularly difficult to invert, and I know it's practically impossible to read too. Ah well. I used pencil crayon for the backgrounds and inks for the lettering. They were designed to reside on a single sheet, the first of the smaller non-ATC pieces done.

I am finally getting to the pieces that are on hold because they need "sheetmates" for lack of a better word. I needed to have most of the pieces designed before they could be rendered so I could figure out how to put them together. I do have about 125 of them designed, and just over the number of the praise albums stumping me. I now officially have more than a quarter of the project finished-if I don't get a move on I won't be finished until 2009. Of course I don't plan on having the project sit at a complete standstill for six months again either.

Useless piece of information: while doing this I got acetone on the computer desk and now there is a lovely bubble in the finish. :-(


nagfa said...


the first ambigram looks awesome; maybe due to a hint of indian characters.. the second is good too, though i can't seem to figure out what the last one says..

we design ambigrams too.. visit our blog to see ambigram designs from singapore..


Char said...

Hi Nagfa, and thanks for the comment. The first one is also my favorite. I am new to ambigrams, so they are not that great I know.

The last ambigram says "Bob's solo" (but I forgot the apostrophe).

Off to visit your blog...:)

mem said...

Looks like you're getting a little Angels and Demons here. ;) They look good! Three cheers for Petra!

mem said...

Thanks for the note. It has been tough, but that's the nature of the situation. God is good all the time.