Tuesday, 5 September 2006

New Links

I've added a few more blogs to my little list which in no way reflects my voracious blog reading habit(Pyromaniacs has blogrolled most of the blogs I like for me-though purgatorio is special so has it's own link :) ).
I know darn well there are other art and craft blogs I had wanted to add and now I've forgotten and lost them. Ah well they'll turn up again.

I am not writing since I am not really doing anything. Not that it matters anyway. Bah.

I did find yet another lovely jacket pattern today, heh. Also after searching high and low for a place that sells Lampe Bergers, I managed to get ahold of one in cosmopolitan Yorkton of all places. It works too! My house does not reek of Sam the Stinkbaum anymore, though he'll soon fix that by his mere stenchy existence. I own the stinkiest dog that ever lived.


wagamama said...

Pyro is my boss!

I have a silly question for you...I think you may be able to answer it. Do you know where I might be able to find a glass or mirrored jewelry box?

wagamama said...

Thanks for the help. I am sure I'll find something that will work. :o)

marc said...

I feel "special"! Thanks for keeping me unique Char.