Wednesday, 23 August 2006


I haven't dyed much in months, so I decided to get some of the pots out and work on some of my bag of mohair. I wanted some muted green/blues. They turned out reasonably well, I especially like the blue.

The pinkish stuff is more a silvery grey in life, and the green is a bit deeper. Now I must do something with it!

The silk for Athanasius is proving to be difficult to obtain the correct colour on. I want a dark muted brown (almost black)-not a chocolatey brown though. That is the challenge. Perhaps I'll try black walnut-of course then I'll have to hunt some down, as there are none here. I've never used black walnut before, but it should be a straight forward cooking pot method, which is easy.

I am beginning to feel like I will require the perseverance of Athanasius to get it finished, heheh.

I've got too many projects going at once. Since I also work sporadically now, My general way of doing things, ie whenever the heck I feel like doing it, has been interupted. Gotta get used to that. Well I tell myself I must do something to get the money to buy dye stuff. :)

ETA: I spun up a little bit (one combing's worth) of the mohair with that brown alpaca I am so fond of-it is a rather pleasant muted teal overall.


mem said...

Evidently switching to the new beta fixed the censoring issues. Full-Freedom-Internet here I come.

Re E Rutherford- no, I haven't read him, at least not recently (to my knowledge), though his books do look interesting. I will have to add him to the list. Long books are good, if they are well written and can be savored. Fast-food thrillers are eminently unsatisfying.

Lawhead's best were probably his Song of Albion trilogy. His view of history and (unfortunately) of Pelagius are not the best (see, but he spins a relatively good yarn and a fair amount of his theology is ok.

Re poison- Perhaps this is the reason so many artists live short, troubled lives, vexed in a petrochemically induced phantasmagoria.

It took me a long time to build that sentence. It was way over the top.

mem said...

I think you have to be "invited" to switch...I got a little blue box on the side that said I could switch if I really wanted to, but I had to want to badly enough with my whole heart.

gwensmom said...

That blue looks good enough to eat.

Char said...

Thanks Sarah. I actually used the "wrong kind" of dye on it, purists would not be happy with me. But I enjoy experimentation more than correctness. :)