Wednesday, 16 August 2006

We Gotta Take This Message...

Back To The Street, hand drawn, digitally coloured.

Though I suppose it is rather cliche (hey I feel I should do the expected for a few of them at least-that keeps everyone guessing) I decided to do a tag-ish style. I have never dabbled in that type of work much (despite being an old skool rap fan) and found it quite enjoyable. Even the digital colouring. I didn't need to do the careful line work for this one, and I wanted the texture without having to actually use spraypaint. :)

Though I didn't do grafitti per se I have always loved doing odd lettering. Such things as this filled the school hours when I was not skipping and kept me from dying of boredom. In fact these were the impetus of this project-I thought I had more of them since I did this constantly and was surprised of how much of it I had lost. I will resurrect some of the old designs, maybe soon as I loved doing this one.


mem said...

Nice! (Is this the art?) I was never a fan of rap, of any kind. I think it came from local competition with Petra (dc Talk was the other band people liked, back when Nu Thang and Free At Last were their sound).

I confess that my skills never lay in art of any kind, though I can occasionally appreciate it almost-well. So odd lettering causes me to boggle.

Re tests. These are the kinds you don't take unless you'll pass, so yes, I passed. ;) A good feeling. And another four years until the next one, so I have plenty of time to heal.

mem said...

I guess I just never really got into it—though I did find the Narnia rap kind of funny. (Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia gets me every time.)

I only very recently got Jesus Freak, mostly for historical reasons. I like the music, but there's Petra, and then there's everyone else. Bob just doesn't pander as much to emotion—his songs are a smack upside the head or a kick in the pants when you need it. (Which has been rather often lately. :-P)

mem said...

Cleaning not productive? Pshaw. Especially if you smell better afterward. Of course, in your case, simply paint. I'm sure the art-smell works for you (and those around you).

mem said...

Well, I guess chlorine is better than silane, but all the same, I think I'd avoid both. (Still, though, if you're doing anything crafty, evidently different silanes make good sealers.)

In the end, maybe cleaning up isn't such a bad idea after all—if it's to save puking (or death :-P).

And do you have any idea why Blogger seems to self-censor comments? I see this on the 'maniacs all the time, but my "Jesus Freak" got transmogrified into "/*, too!