Friday, 28 March 2008


While roaming the internet looking at obscenely high priced murex pigments, I found this site, describing how dibromoindigo of the murex trunculus snail becomes indigo in uv light, thus arguing that it is in fact the tekhelet of Torah.

I just wanted to share a site that puts the Bible and dyeing together-all the things I like! AAAHHHH-I think my head just exploded.


separateunion said...

Finally! You were getting a little big headed and all.

gwensmom said...

I saw a tv show about this on some history channel. there were al these people claiming to have found the "true" blue.

mem said...

All that made me do was want to learn Hebrew.

Anonymous said...


Forget all those people at the P'til Tekhelet association with their sleights of mind.
^ Here you'll learn based on a combo of chemical, historical and archaeological evidence that the real biblical blue, whose shade should be deep, is that extracted from the indigoid plants, and that the use of marine sources promoted by Orthodox Rabbinites is forbidden according to the Torah.
(The Talmud is in collision with the true Torah on this score.)

- A caring Jew