Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Two Ways

Didache 1:1, folded book

I got this idea a while back and today I decided to see if it would actually work. The answer is yes...and no. It folds up to about a 2.5 inch square. The folding is not the easiest thing and the join in the middle is rather fagile-I backed it with a skinny little piece of fabric hoping it would hold. Also as I used relatively thick watercolour paper (unlike the plain bond paper of the mockup) I found that I had to cut the top right open and add a piece behind to make it actually close.

And of course the lettering is not as exact as I might like, it never is. I lettered partly with the parallels and partly with traditional dip pens (the white side). The gradation was overpainted once I had the letters in place. That turned out kind of meh. All in all it could have been better and I am tempted to try a second rendition as this one didn't take so long (it did eat up the best part of my day and much swearing was heard over the small size of the art room when things kept getting tipped over...)

I do like the way the background painted, I used Sennelier inks (they are very nice) and Caran D'Ashe Neocolour crayons (also very nice). I hit it with the blowdryer to get some patterning also.

These pictures are from my camera phone because when I went to take a picture with mama's camera it crapped out with the lens half exposed. This is the third time this has happened with the powershots, twice with mine and now with mama's. I thought maybe they had gotten banged or something, but I didn't do anything to this one. This is very irritating.

Anyway teeny cell phone pics:

This is the way it is supposed to lie when open, I had this opposing folds idea very much in my mind, but am now wondering if a flag book style would not suit the idea better (simply because it is fragile)? How would I add the words right though. Hmm.

And this is just what the cover looks like (this one's rather yellow-the cover is actually covered in silver/blue duppioni)


mem said...

Cool—looks neat. I haven't read the Didache in a long time; I'll have to pull it out (electronically speaking) at lunch or something.

wrt your last comment, I think we basically agree. The Word is the means, the Spirit the agent. "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever."

The main problem for me is how many people make regeneration the result of something we do. LWG was livid that I would suggest that regeneration wasn't the result of faith, but had no real comments on regeneration in 1Pe 1.23 (don't forget 1.4, which also links it nicely to the resurrection!).

separateunion said...

I'm SUCH a kid because you are a whole FOUR YEARS OLDER than me. Thanks, grandma.

While my Focus may be "cheap" in the monetary sense, it is not in the quality sense. I like manual transmissions, good miles per gallon, and small cars, so it works for me.

And no, I don't hate you for being a Baptist. While I may tend to identify more with Presby's, in no way am I a staunch Presby myself. I just like giving you a hard time.

gwensmom said...

Beautiful! I love those cool blues.

separateunion said...

Short pants and curls? Care to expound on that grandma?

separateunion said...

So, I'm a better friend than mem? Is that what you're saying?

separateunion said...

I have nothing to recommend books wise. My reading has been slacking, and I'm sure you're none too interested in what I read (or you've already read it several times) anyways.

As we've already established, I have never read a book by a Puritan author. Except for "Pilgrim's Progress", but who hasn't read that?