Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Sam a Trois

Sam has not always been a curmudgeonly old nasty dog. He used to be quite easy going, and as far as dogs go was about the best you were going to get. We are not dog people at the best of times, but we have sort of gotten on with the dog-dad looked after him most.

My own theory is that dad in his estimation was the omega (bottom dogson) of the family and now that dad is gone, Sam knows he is the omega. As nobody wants to be the bottom of the pile, he is behaving aggressively and being wilfully disobedient in the hopes of challenging us for our spots in the family and having at least one dogson to look down on. When he does it of course I have a tendency to see red and start beating him with whatever is convenient, especially when he starts snarling and/or snapping at me. Mama is just as bad, and so he is always making trouble for himself.

He used to be pretty good natured. He let me dress him up as Osama Bin Laden:

And he let me put him in a cart and make him pretend to be a postal employee (though you can't see it he is wearing a postal tie) :

And I used to play fight with him.

Now I am usually just fighting with him. My SIL said that on the farm they often had dogs that got mean and ugly in their old age. I don't know if that is Sam's problem or if he will get over being his Majesty the Prick of Tails. As we will never get rid of him until he dies of extreme old age, I rather hope he does.


mem said...

I'm pretty sure your comment made it on the previous entry. It's funny, but the first time I searched for the Youtube vid, I searched on "punt dog," but it didn't know what punt meant.

Sam is really not a bad-looking dog, especially in his turban-type thing. My father believes that toy dogs aren't really dogs, and so he would pick rather mercilessly on Cassie, who was a Pekinese and none too bright. She went right along with it.

A swift smack on the nose may remind him who's boss. I suspect the males of any species get more cantankerous as they age. I hope you're healing up. That bite did look nasty.

mem said...

I'm late to go beat up on little children, so this will be short. Remind me to tell you about the guy I used to work with who made it into an Osama poster.

The thing about Cassie was that she never made any sounds. Well, when she first arrived (another story) she did. But after several years of pampering, she barely had energy to move, let alone bark. She was quiet and stupid, though she did enjoy tearing the stuffing out of my sister's old Popple. Now THAT brings back the 80s.

mem said...

Oh, right. Thanks for reminding me

So I worked with a guy who was definitely rather white, but had a full beard and head of hair. I also worked with a guy who was in OSU's design school who knew his way around Photoshop.

So after 9/11, he finds this poster of Osama and his buddies on the mountain side and makes a wanted poster out of it—"Do you know this man?"

He used an inset to clarify the rather grainy #2 honcho, and low and behold, it's my co-workers face pasted neatly onto a foreign body, complete with his beard and the other dude's turban.

I guess you kind of had to be there, but we laughed for days. It was pretty hilarious.

And while I'm on the subject of stories, my brother worked at a vet while he was in college during the summertimes. One day he walked into the house with a dog that he claimed was housebroken and was being given up by its owners (a rather prominent family in the area).

Guess which one of those two statements was true.

mem said...

I think most fun revolves around Photoshop, doesn't it? And yes, anything involving Celine Dion and Photoshop is terrible. They should never be mentioned together. In fact, we'd be safer if Celine Dion was never mentioned at all.

Bath shifts do sound poor, though I'm sure the people you're helping are somewhat more appreciative, even if they are like Ms Kemp and will beat you for breathing incorrectly.

I learned a new acronym today: SSDD. Perhaps somewhat more literal for you than my acquaintance. :(

It is WAY past my bed time, and I'm getting peppered with computer questions. Why is it when you're a software engineer people think you should know how to write web surveys?


Don't answer that.

mem said...

No family members died. We actually had a very good time, though I am up for work and wishing I was still in bed, where it is easier to sleep.

My uncle's mother is from Vancouver. She was complaining about conditions in the city. I told her I heard Saskatchewan was great this time of year.

I'm pleased you hate such "Ms". I couldn't remember if Miss Kemp was married or not, so I sacrificed a part of my soul not to go back and look. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Titus, felt exactly the same way and had no problem letting everyone know.

And the truth of the matter is that I only caricature people I know are nice. Well, unless they're from Michigan or New Jersey. So you needn't worry that you have in any way besmirched her reputation.

You are up early for work, aren't you? And if I started calling you Rev, would you hate me? Haha. (And if you would, how much? If it's just a litle, maybe I'll do it anyway.)

mem said...

And evidently, fungible is a real word, and it unfortunately has nothing to do with fungi.

mem said...

Okay, then, Rev, I agree. As long as you do that sweet guitar riff from Walk This Way, I don't really care what else you do. I may have to go listen to it for the rest of the day. If I could play air guitar, I'm sure that my whole day would be shot. But, uh, if you do break out into such a rendition, Rev, how will I even know??

That article was a bit depressing. I think Regina is still probably a better place to live than Detroit for example (which at one time was more dangerous to live in than Baghdad), but all things being equal, I'd stay away from both places.

Okay, I have to actually work now. I'll be listening very hard for your renditions, however.

mem said...

Ahahahaahha. That was utterly awesome. And are you telling me that Youtube is stronger than your own Ridiculousness Vortex?