Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Damn youtube! It won't let me watch Thriller!!!

I did however LMAO at Fight for Your Right. I had totally forgotten about the pies. Hahahaha!

Also these guys are so so SO beyond funny. Them doing Jump On It also fills me with mirth. I must take a minute for gratitude that youtube did not exist when I was a kid, as my best friend and I would have so been arsing around in exactly the same way and posting it.

Thank you God!!

ETA: I fixed the link to the dudes.


mem said...

I'm pretty sure that the Vortex, as evidenced by this entry, is certainly real. For example, the video that I just watched was definitely ridiculous. That I am writing a comment about it rather than fixing a customer's bug is proof that I am stuck in some kind of vortex. Hence, Char's Ridiculousness Vortex exists. QED.

I have always read your comments in a strange accent, like the people from Minnesota. You know, "Minn-e-soooda." Well, and pronouncing "out" like "oot" but you say that less, I think.

I'm a tenor if I sing (usually badly), probably because I sang along with Petra for so many years.

mem said...

Okay, have it your way, Rev. I never said your entry was ridiculous, just that the video was. You can deny the existence of the Vortex all you like, but we all know about the river in Egypt.

Michif is really interesting, too. As a mixed language, it's probably unique, which is pretty amazing. You are so mean for telling me about it.

I didn't even know who Greg was until I heard Petrafied, and I thought he sounded weird at first. But I grew to like him. You know whether or not you're really caterwauling if Sam or WRMC is singing along with you.

I definitely don't want to be at work right now.

mem said...

Okay, so no, I didn't get your joke. I wasn't aware that Revs made jokes. And while I was not listening to Run DMC, I was listening to an equally awesome rap.

Weeks off are niiiice. Is that another union perk?

mem said...

Oooh, okay. See, I suffer from pop-culture illiteracy; I know next to nothing about almost every era of pop culture. I was never a fan of rap. I viewed dc Talk as the anti-Petra because everyone in my school disliked Petra and liked all those other crappy bands. (I do own Jesus Freak, btw.)

But if you like, I'll pretend like I understand your obscure references. It seems to work on almost everything else I pretend to understand.