Wednesday, 23 May 2007



And indeed, with 4-and-a-half inch heels they may just be heralds of doom. At least people will notice my shoes if they cause me to go arse over teakettle.

After so many long sad days of searching and being met with nothing but a slough of crocspond, or being thwarted by the sartorial deities (er, patron saints I mean, patron saints.) in any attempt at procuring my much-needed blue shoes, lo I finally have them in my hot little hands-eh feet. Well you know. This totally makes up for the recent prickishness of certain family members (also the photos are at my house where they will remain, suckas!).

Never thought I'd own a pair of "designer shoes" as even I won't justify such outrageous prices for a couple of pieces fabric, leather and foam- but such was the depth of my need of the blue shoes-and it didn't hurt that they were actually fairly cheap as they are at end of-the-line sale.

Like Odysseus and his Ithaca, determination has brought me and the shoes together at last. Yeay!

I actually made a "Dr Tongue's 3D House of Blue Shoes" video of the shoes. I am such a freakin nerd.

Because I am a useless sack of...of...of the opposite of willpower when it comes to shoes I still ended up getting the Carlos, just in red as that was all there was on ebay.
Now I suppose I should probably give lots of money to charity to make up for my excessive nature. That's not exactly like an indulgence is it? No it's that I have more shoes to love, and my heart is so full of joy. I want to share the blue shoe joy.


mem said...

Ha, well. I distinctly remember BSing my first essay in 7th grade. I have had several years to try to work on it. Now-a-days, when people ask me, "Have you read War and Peace (or some other equally classic novel)," I usually reply, "Well, not in English." Of course, I haven't read it in any other language, either. And I work in an industry full of the best BSers the world has ever seen; we shift our paradigms to maximize market potential and prioritize whatcha-ma-whose-its better than anyone.

But yes, I really did go to school with people who liked dc Talk. Actually, in my sixth grade class, we had a shouting match about the merits of AVB versus Petra. This is when I went to a Christian school.

Then I went to a public school and tried to disappear. In fact, if Broadview is as bumble-like as I often intimate, I would guess that the whole population would fit in my junior high twice. Moving to PA from IN was a shock—going from a Christian school of 84 students to a public one of 1200 usually is.

Okay, so white guys rapping badly is usually funny. That is why I called it awesome.

And I haven't even had time to comment on your shoes this morning. That makes, what, 137 pairs now? And four inch heels???? I'll have to stare up at you for miles, now.

gwensmom said...

Yay! I can't believe you finally found them! and I can't believe that you are actually going to wear such towering 4-inch things! OMG- ouch.

Char said...

I didn't realize the heels were that high when I bought them as I mail-ordered them. But it doesn't matter when it comes to The blue shoes, and they do go nicely with an extra-long pair of sailor pants I own.

Viva azul shoes!

Carin said...

hi. :)

I love the shoes... and I love reading you banter back and forth with my brother, hehe. ;)

mem said...

Going to a Christian school is about the same as public in many ways...just that you can take Bible for more than just literature. Christian schools often aren't. I was a bigger dork then than I am now (hard to believe, I know) so I didn't much fit in with anyone. I distinctly remember Junior High being horrible in every way.

I think your problem with the Christian culture is probably the same that many reformed people have. I've been immersed in it, I suppose, almost from birth, and I don't much care for it, either. Stupid decision theologians.

The whole Whose Line/Colbert episode is hilarious. DevilDucky has some of the clips. Youtube doesn't have them anymore because Viacom got mad about their copyrighted content being broadcast all over the Intarwebs. But since you hate Youtube, that's not a problem.

mem said...

Some places are stricter than others, I'll allow. Though I'll never forget in 7th grade seeing one of the juniors writing a giant "FAG" on someone else's folder in yellow highlighter. It seems like you get people on either end of the fence—stuck up and moralist or bad for the sake of sticking it to the man.

I was mostly oblivious to it, I suppose, until I encountered resistance to what I felt were perfectly legitimate and biblical doctrines. That was kind of shocking, a bit of cold water in the face during a Saskatchewan Winter. (Maybe not that bad.) But it disassociated me rather quickly. I have been blessed to meet others that are like-minded, though (I'm actually incommunicado some because one of my college buddies is visiting; he says he's actually in Regina twice a month).

I'm pretty sure that my sister liking your shoes has nothing to do with her liberality.

And she will not make a very effective slave. At least she never did for me, and she was in easy choking distance.


Carin said...

I'm not exactly sure what this whole 'liberal' discussion is about, but that's okay. Hmm. I am kind of worried about what he's said about me. :-P Don't believe any of it!!! ;)

And I make a most excellent slave to non-relatives. I'm not exactly a morning person tho. :)

mem said...

Basically you're liberal because you're a psych major. We all know that psychology isn't Christian. It's like playing poker or smoking cigarettes. Completely heathen.

I suppose you could say I'm having a life, if you mean staying in and watching cheesy films with the folks and talking about material sciences. We're having fun, regardless. He thought I could also use a personality transplant, too ("You mean there's two of you?").

I brought my theological persuasions to youth group. That was not allowed sometimes.

I always understood facewash in a hockey sense, i.e., when someone takes their nasty glove and rinses your face with it. You know Mogilny almost lost his hand due to infecting his own self with his glove? Ugh.