Monday, 14 May 2007

Part Deux

Have I ever mentioned my undying hatred for DOGS? Because I really do HATE DOGS.

I seem to be getting a little deja vu here...

My brother insists that we keep his stupid dog-he just loves the dog so much, never mind that he has not bothered to take responsibility for the stupid thing in 10 years. So we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and all MY time keeping his dog.
It really wasn't that bad because Sam used to be a reasonably good dog (as far as dogs go) but over the last few years he has been getting incredibly obstinate and cantankerous. I threw him out of my room yesterday and he returned the favour by trying to chomp my leg off (at which point I started whacking him with my moleskine-and we tore the picture of bannock damnit).

I just noticed that one of the bites looks startlingly similar to a mocking smiley face:

Can't you just see it saying "Haha you will have to look after the dog forever."

Looking after other people's dogs will obviously be a punishment in one level of hell or another.


mem said...

That doesn't look so good. :( I am not a big dog person, either, but Mom was. When my brother brought the dog home, the first thing Dad said was, "I hope you have better taste in women."

I recommend further violence in this case. Violence is the answer.

Combovers are never an option; Gene Keady taught me this.

If your beard is really all that good, though, maybe you can loan me some of it to cover up my bald spot or something.

Hope all's well. If I see your dog flying this way, I'll kick him for you.

mem said...

Postage on slaves is remarkably expensive these days. I sent them 4th class USPS, which means they'll get there by next winter. If it takes any longer, I'll hand deliver my sister to you as compensation (you may regret that).

Sorry about not getting you out of work today. Unless you're doubling up, though, you should have an afternoon free—that's something anyway.

mem said...

Hey, I found something for you. Make sure Sam is far away, otherwise your foot might twitch harder than normal.