Thursday, 21 October 2004

The things that make me happy...

Ooo I got my little dooder in the mail today! I lurve him! I bought a silver mask pin from viking trader for entirely too much money-especially since I am most likely soon to be unemployed (though in my defence I ordered it when I still had two jobs). Having a good look at him, he seems handmade-not just cast-in which case I would say he was probably worth what I paid just in the time it would have taken to make him-a few hours anyway-and I do believe in paying for well made craft products (that would be the artisan within speaking).
Well time involved notwithstanding, the brooch was worth the money simply because it was little dooder! Btw, 'little dooder' is a Norse mask painting better known to the rest of the world as the mask of århus. Some have likened it to the mask of Odin. I saw him somewhere while looking for Norse art and ornament and just glommed on to him. I cut the design into a stamp and put it on everything I could think of, ultimately making him into my signature piece.
The term 'hey dooders'-is a Mooreism. I decided that since this was my siggy piece, he would be my little dooder. Of course when I saw someone had taken the time to make a little dooder (silver too! My favorite metal), I figured 'hey destiny' and whatnot, and I had to have it.
(The true reason I bought it was simply that when I saw him I knew I would just covet him if I didn't buy him. I am keeping myself from sinning, that's my excuse.)
I showed it to my mom and she just said 'oh that ugly thing.' I would've been surprised if she hadn't. :c)

The original little dooder-the mask of århus.

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