Saturday, 23 October 2004

Even More...

I can't do anything creative until I finally play pan gu to the back room's swirling chaos. I have no idea where I am going to put half of the things that have somehow been sucked into the vortex-well yes I do-the GARBAGE. Of course with the recycling program we have now, I will have to hoard all that garbage until someone can drive me down to do the 'waste management' guy's job for him.
I really hate purposefully hoarding garbage. Having it there because you are a slob and lazy and don't realize how bad it is is one thing. In that case it has usually disguised itself and cleverly blended in with all the irreplaceable treasures you own. But actually knowing it's there, having it separated out and just sitting in a bag is annoying. Like it is just sitting there taunting you, 'even after you got off your ass and made an effort-I'm still here. heheh.' It's also way too tempting to pull stuff out, like the old pair of pants with fifteen holes in the ass because they are the special ones. They have to be purged immediately! Then I can think about whether I regret it later.
They (waste management)could at least come and get it-or even provide bins that are not five feet high so that you have to swing the garbage to shoulder level to get it in there. There is one thing I am not going to miss about my uselesso job-hauling 70 pound bags of garbage up to those bins in -30 conditions to throw away the 9,866,654,873 bloody Christmas flyers that each store releases, which of course everyone throws away.

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