Wednesday, 13 October 2004


Working on a collaborative beaded art doll for N'ness. I am finding it a challenge to match what has already been done as they are both quite different. I am doing the torso, which also happens to be the largest section of doll I think. So you know it has to look decent. We started feet up, but I think if we (or I) do this kind of thing again, I will suggest going from the middle out, simply because the doll is quite bottom-heavy and keeps falling off my lap, out of my hands, etc. I was using a bead that is kind of between purple and brown for a fringe I made, and against the doll it looks more brown-should be more purple-I tried to paint them with a bit of nail polish, but I may just have to pull them out depending on how it looks done. Ah the colours I picked went with the scheme-but not everyone did that. Mom thinks I should just make it as I was going to, and the difference in colours won't matter, but I am trying to kind of balance the other colour schemes in the doll, with out really having that many different colours of seed beads. Most of my beads are fancy ones-I can't resist them. But some of those are going on as well. Well I know in the end as long as it looks okay, it'll be fine.

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