Friday, 8 October 2004

I bought some knitting patterns and even though my attention should be elsewhere, I have started some lace knitting. I tend not to knit too much as it hurts my hands, but I bought a new ergo glove (actually managed to find one that was not gargantua sized) and it seems to help-except that it cuts the circulation off to my fingers. Well I guess they won't swell too bad then. They aren't sticking...yet.
I tried the knit on method of casting on for this, which I had never bothered with before, but I figured hey it can't be that hard. It doesn't look that different though and is not as convenient as the way I usually do it.
The weather is beautiful right now (certainly better than it has been all summer) I love fall! It is absolutely my favorite season. I should really be taking advantage of it by finishing the tieing of my silk and getting the indigo vat going. I've also got to figure out how to use that angle grinder to decent effect...well as stubborn as I am I will make it work eventually. I know that once it gets cold, no more of any of it for me! Then I can do lace knitting.

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