Friday, 6 February 2009

I Give a Glowing Review.

I am excited to announce the unearthing of a new and exciting scholastic field. My close personal friend whom I only know from the internet Dr Rey Reynoso PHD n. BS, TE has answered the call of nature as it were and given us a trilogy of works exploring a much neglected field of theological studies, Exretology.

These are destined to be classics referred to again and again, well worth the money spent. Indeed if you can only buy one set of theological books this year, forget the Puritan Divine Dr Owen. Go with the extretological Divine Dr Reynoso. I daresay these works are poised to become as authoritative in their field as Owen on the Holy Ghost. To be sure the bar in the fertile soils of exctretology has been set very high.

Indeed D. A. Carson has reputedly put aside his own studies on the subject declaring Dr Reynoso's work to be definitive.

Dr Reynoso is not afraid to get his hands dirty and do the hard work of mining the truths of scripture in this scholarly work. However though thorough his work is highly accessible for the unwashed masses who hold no doctorates. No abstruse prattling, rather Dr Reynoso talks down to your level of ignorance.

In the first work, the doctor lays the groundwork for his theses. The second narrows in on the theological and philosophical implications of incontinence. The last, set for release early this year, is the Dr's magnum opus. Dr Reynoso works hard in way of application, covering wiping, digging and indoor plumbing besides a host of other subjects. The breadth of this work is truly amazing.

You may leave unabashed praise and adulation for the Doctor's high level of education and therefore value or purchase the books here:
Centre for the study of Exretology.


Marv said...


Cool. But consider going through this post and standardizing your spelling, I think exretology needs a c. Also you have extretology and extcretoly or something...

Marv from that other place...

Char said...

Well it is excretology, though Rey sometimes spelled it excrutology. If the c is missing, I say I am using Canadian spelling.


Brett said...

LOL you are funny! Your picture is cool too. Mwah lol

Char said...

Thanks Brett...I think. :)