Monday, 12 January 2009

Treasures old and new

Haha! I got books! New books from Stan and old books from Mem. All potential treasures. Admire the beauties-this makes me happy and I am thankful to know people who are willing to mail me happiness in codex form. The downside (if there is one) is that now I have to read this colossal stack (including all the ones I already had in the queue) before I can buy moar. That's okay, it's cold and ugly out and I am back on nights-all conducive to some good reading.

Oh and I also get to add them to my librarything. *cackling with glee*


mem said...

Ha. Well, I hope you enjoy them. Looks like a good set, though I think Stan hooked you up with the better ones probably.

The word thingy is "toolommi," obviously a nickname for the woman married to Tim Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been spending as much time browsing of late so I just now saw your post.

I'm glad I could help you stay out of the cold.

The stack of books contains some of my favorites. You're in for a treat.