Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Light of the Sun...and Heat of the Soldering Iron

Love, embroidered fabrics on fabric/paper ground

I saw this technique in a magazine not long after I started the project (literally years ago now. Gah) and chose it for this piece. It consists of a painted paper/fabric combination, covered in several layers of synthetic sheers, embroidered from the back and cut with a soldering iron.
I did a test one which I sent to someone as a postcard. It was a valuable experience as that one looked more deconstructed than I wanted, particularly in the sun. So I altered my method a little in the final work.

Things went well until I went to cut the picture down and while moving things to get to the cutting mat I burned my hand on the still hot soldering iron. Damn even being better organized than I have ever been in my entire life makes no difference, I still have to move everything from here to there whenever I want to do something. The cutting mat and sewing machine occupying exactly the same space is not working, I need them both at once. There just isn't enough room in there.

Anyway outside of whineyness, it turned out quite nicely, pretty much just how I wanted and certainly better than the last few.


mem said...

Hey, this means you have a soldering iron now. W00t. Where you been? Did I annoy you with my friendship? (Sorry, ob office reference.) Hope all is well and all that jazz.

mem said...

It's okay, just wanted to make sure you hadn't unofficially disavowed all knowledge and contact.

I am similarly under the weather, though mostly clear of it. Those bacteria factories they call children passed something along to me.