Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Like a Spotless Lamb

Clean; discharged.

The concept for this is all in the technique. Can anyone recall boring classes in school about how the medium is the message? It was discharged with bleach gel, which is of course a cleaning agent. That's about it.

The paper buckled quite badly and when I applied it to to the black piece it didn't go on straight. I also ironed it and this caused some staining to the piece (because bertha is always covered in goo of some kind). I applied a blur filter to the background so that this would be less distracting in the scan, as it was most noticeable.

I originally was going to do it in black and discharge it out to a gold tone. The black wouldn't discharge enough. Curse those scrapbookers and their insatiable need for the archival and fade-resistant!! But conceptually I felt red worked just as well if not better, even if it doesn't look as well. I did have some problems with discharging the bleach in some places as it was simply drying too fast and I ended up applying it thick and so lost some detail. But ultimately I managed to get the image so I am mostly okay with it.


mem said...

Reminds me of Ep 1.4. Good work.

And I wasn't kidding about either. If you behave, I won't have to sedate you. If you don't, I can't promise you'll make it to the place that rhymes with I don't know alive.

The wordthingy is nzdzxhut, which is some kind of aboriginal dwelling.

mem said...

Do you often lie when you're tired?

mem said...

No, but sometimes I lie down instead of being pedantic.

The captcha phrase is "denqito," which has got to be Don Quixote's outdoor living arrangements while he was figuring out how to charge windmills.

mem said...

Meh. I was hiding my two principle weapons: the other fist behind my beard (HT: chucknorrisfacts) and the incredible shine from my baldingness.