Wednesday, 18 July 2007


My brother finally managed to get down here and work on the back room (now rooms). Though he did the bulk of the work, he had to go back home before the mudding of the drywall was done. So I get to finish sanding.

This is how I feel about sanding drywall:

He was trying to say that mudding beads is messiest. WTF-does this look neat and clean to you? No I'm not a professional, but I've helped put up the drywall in almost every room of this house and I know for a fact the sanding is the WORST part. Bar none.
This was at about two in the morning (as I did the sanding after working an evening) and it was still about 30 degrees in there. It REALLY sucks when you are sweating so much that the drywall dust is turning back into mud as it hits your body.
And of course there was dust everywhere. Look at the drywall dust behind me! I had it in my hair, on my eyelashes and up my nose for heaven's sake.

And now I get to do it all over again. Bah.


mem said...

Up your nose? You were wearing a dust mask, right? You're an artist who works with strange chemicals and carcinogens—you've got to have something like that hanging around.

I agree that drywalling isn't fun, but I preferred it a great deal to insulating. We studded out our karate studio, insulated, drywalled, put up some T-111, etc etc. And I was on insulation duty because the only construction tool I can wield with any proficiency is a staple gun. I had a dust mask, and I still had fiberglass get into my throat somehow, and that was miserable.

I also put up some drywall, though our rooms were probably somewhat smaller. I pinched my finger between two pieces of sheet rock, and that was unfun. But I don't remember the actual sanding being all that rough.

We also put 4x12' sheets of drywall on the ceiling, and I am so glad I didn't have a part in that. That was absolutely brutal—90-degree heat, super-heavy things to lift, and then painting the whole thing from a scaffold. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

OMG how soon will it be over??


mem said...

Well I will certainly replace my heinous face (did you like the internal rhyme there?) with your clinja avatar as soon as its ready. My orange slime is on hiatus because my brother hasn't put up the stinking web pages yet.

Now he is busy and I get the space for free, but it is rather difficult to actualize yourself online as orange slime with nowhere to put it.

I obviously also wear glasses. I wore a dust mask. If I can handle that, so can you.

Do you know what I hate? Checking luggage. I was thisclose to NOT checking luggage on my way overseas when my aunt asked me if I could bring soup. And tamales. So I'm going to check luggage. And probably wander lost in the airport looking for bag claim wondering if it actually made it, what it looks like after travelling several thousand miles, and hoping I don't get in trouble for bringing food with me. I hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate checking luggage. I hate it almost as much as I hate New Jersey and Open Theism.

mem said...

Oooh, and I posted something to the blog in my profile about how to do the background subtraction. I was waxing quite nerdy.

And my verification word this time is 'illdoh,' which has to be some sort of New Jersey cookie dough flavor. Probably made of water from the Hudson. shudder.

mem said...

Hey did you get swallowed by your own Vortex? Or have your arms been cemented to your sides by drywall mud?

Hope things are going okay, and that you have a less evil look on your face these days. ;)

mem said...

I'll bet you $30 (US, not Canadian, though they're the same these days) that there is an email from me in your spam box, so labeled because I'm googlebombing you with the WOF keywords. If it's true, I will laugh. A lot.

I thought your look was always evil?

I believe you when you say that the view is boring, but I don't know what you do for fun besides listening to loud music and making things, neither of which require all that much society.

mem said...

Alright, in that case, I will resend my email. And now you can check again. And you will see precisely why it got hit by the black spot of spam marking.

Each time you complain about B'View, you are only eroding your foundation for staying there, you know. Now that you are more employable than you were and have ready access to means of putting your family out of their collective memory, I bet you could handle it all in a matter of weeks!

As further evidence of total depravity, I will offer a song of the week that I have been unfortunately listening to way too much this week. And I'm frightened for my soul because of it.

mem said...

Hey, thought I'd let you know I finally took your advice about a good tagline for my blog.

I hope you have finally finished those rooms and slept some. We are having thunderstorms! They are the antithesis of angelic urine.

mem said...

For the LAST TIME IT'S NOT A MAN PURSE. Unless man-purses look like backpacks and carry a week's worth of clothes comfortably.

I write out the word "slash" because it flowed better in my head. When you're typing in the little window, things appear differently than they do when reading. And I was worried that there would be a line-break on the /—if there was, then it would be really confusing and annoying, kind of like the VORTEX THAT MAKES YOU THINK EVERY BAG I OWN IS A MAN PURSE.

You should always watch out when providing so many suggestions. Four months is too much time. So I had to confabulate them all together, and that is what came out. Beware of my Confabulator.

And I just found out that confabulate is a real word. Holy cow. I always thought I made that up. What is amusing is that's almost an example of confabulation.

This does not count as your email. I was trying to think of acronyms for your verification word, and I came up with "what the krap? singleness sucks, jehovah's witness." Krap is listed in urbandictionary, so I figure it must be okay to sub in like that.