Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Green Room Serenade

I am finally toward the end of completing grandma's room. If I hadn't been working, then waiting over a week for the trim to be delivered I might have gotten it done sooner. I am a terrible procrastinator though and we are still having no end of problems with the closet...So probably not.

I am also wasting time writing lists and making diagrams and other ideas for how I am going to fit everything I don't cull in to the other side. I have a book dedicated to this, about which Mama said "Oh no you are making PLANS." I don't know what her problem is. Several pages of to-scale diagrams are not obsessive, they are signs of organization or something like that.

Speaking of diagrams I've also become enamored of the idea of buying a new drawing board, but all the nice desktop ones come from the UK and cost like 90 pounds. I decided against a desk as all the split top ones cost lots of money and discriminate against me by having the flat part on the right side only.

Anyway, I have everything painted and most of the trim up, so we can move the furniture back in. As for the paint; my mom and grandma have one notion of colour and I another. Theirs being pale and wan versions of white and mine being, well colour:

I have wanted to paint that back room green for quite awhile, and now that it is two rooms I said I didn't care what was done with my side as long as it was green (which was a lie as the Book of Plans attests, but that was the paramount part of the plan even when I thought I was going to be able to have the whole room-as the Book of Plans also attests). Grandma who is not here at the moment will hate it but that's just too frickin bad.

Mom suggested what else but pale pale green. I countered with whining. What's the point of picking a colour if all I have to choose from are variations of white non-colours? We had the same argument when my own bedroom was built years ago. I had wanted blue and to my mother that meant bluish white. To me it meant blue. People would look and say 'hey your room is blue" blue. Granted both of these rooms are now impossibly small (8 ft and 5 ft) and if I'm being honest, the colours, even though they are not overly dark, do tend to overwhelm. Still I like to see real colours and that is what I have gotten. Now the whole house is shades of white with the exception of the rooms that I have involved myself in...
Dad always said that too many colours got you a Ukrainian house. Well they did give us perogies after all how bad could a Ukrainian house be?

Here you can have a look into the off-whiteness of Grandma's room, which should make us both happy.


mem said...

You know what I have realized from reading this blog post? It is utterly impossible to get any real sense of what a house looks like without floor plans and pictures, or actually being in it. I have tried to explain what my relatives' house looks like to my Mom using pictures, and it just hasn't helped.

Speaking of which, I have about 600 to go through. In an uncharacteristic move, the color correction on most of them is terrible. I blame this on environmental factors (rather than human error, since I never make mistakes), but it still needs to be fixed. The really strange thing is that in two nearly identical shots, the first would be under-exposed and the second over-~. The saturation is universally pretty bad, too.

I think a lot of it has to do with the pervasive dust and my lack of good cleaning equipment while I was there. I still haven't gotten the sensor taken care of, and at f/22 it shows an annoying amount of dust. I should be getting a blower for it today or tomorrow to fix that problem.

So pictures will be coming, for crying out loud. :)

mem said...

Blazing whiteness? Look who's talking. You're as pale as they come. You are the person authors have in mind when they make Indians say, "Pale face."

I have two pictures of my trip that have me actually present in them—one of them is in Kibera, the other is at the 3d World Viewpoint above the Rift Valley. I will post that one sometime, too, and you can marvel at my blueness.

I will also post more pictures of lions and the mongeese. We had a lion walk by the car. I did not pet it. Or even lean out the window to say hi. It was wounded, and I thought it might look at me as dinner.

mem said...

May I ask when the last time was you listened to a Kenyan radio station? That stuff makes me kind of want to cringe. I could probably get used to it. If I had to.

And I believe you that the newfies act that way. Strangely, this was a pretty common occurrence. One of the guys there asked me why I was wearing female jeans. That was amusing. I was just wearing the usual boot cut. I guess they could look female.

mem said...

Oh, and the verification word was "bmywkw," which sounds like a Perfect Strangers Valentine's Day card: "Be my wokka wokka."

mem said...

It's not the Twilight Zone. It's your Ridiculousness Vortex. Hahaha.

mem said...

You have discovered the secret! Your Ridiculousness Vortex is simultaneously an Annoyingness Vortex. Amazing! You have defied probability all over the place. If you spawn too many more improbable events, the world will end. Now that would be annoying. Well, sort of. You know what I mean.

mem said...

You have no idea how repulsive Wolverines are to me, do you? They are the bane of the earth. I had a DREAM about them last night.

They are the scUM mascot. They are as hated to me as pretty much anything is to you, or ever will be. I confess that there are things I hate more than the M*ch*g*n football team, but not many.

I am not sure if I can talk to you anymore. Sniffsniff.

mem said...

Also, I am beginning to think that the secret to reducing you to a quivering mass of sentiment is to show you pictures of lion cubs. Now if I could figure out how to impose Athanasius on the background, I bet I would have the ultimate triumph.

mem said...

Yeah, you know why that hat was in the bargain bin? Because it was a scUM hat. No respecting OSU fan would do the same.

The Buckeye is actually a poisonous nut, so we have a bit of a mean streak in us, too. Buckeyes also explode pretty fantastically in fire. (Please don't try this on me.)

I think if I started a travelling art journal, it would come out worse than my Dremel projects (that is, bad). You were probably working on it because if you wanted it done right you would've done it yourself in the first place.

The six foot snowbank kind of throws me, though, unless your subconscious was really telling you that you were going to be working through the snowfall to finish that room.