Friday, 8 June 2007

To You I Am An

Open Book, frontispiece; felt pens

Open Book, opened up; felt pens

So, as a constant ripper-offer, I am always trawling about for ideas to steal. When I had been all gung-ho about finding myself a letterpress (before grandma came) I was also into looking at the art of printing, which inevitably leads one back to Dard Hunter.

This piece originally was to look extremely different, but it evolved farther away from the initial design to the gatefold and the layout-all I had to choose was the font and the designs to sit between the text. I ended up hand drawing a Hunter-like text with a classic Roycrofter tulip. I also decided to re-create the type of justification of some of his books.

This was going to be the mock-up and it is done on plain manilla. However the inked piece took sooo long and ended up looking good enough that I decided to colour it and keep it as the final piece if possible.

My colouring was terribly messy, and I'm going to have to see what I can do to clean it up. I've never been so good with brush markers, though I know a lot of people like them. Other than that I think it turned out okay.


gwensmom said...

Char that is so pretty!

I was thinking of you today when I was in the bookstore looking through the latest Art Quilt mag

mem said...

What Gwensmom said, excepting the part about the Art Quilt magazine. I really like it.

mem said...

I'm on to your game, you rogue. You'll notice the shortness of the note, too, which helped avoid creating openings for your pedantic wordsmithing.

The only reasons you worry about shoeslessness is because you have so many and are afraid of worms.

Whenever I walk-about I look for little things, and I often walk in grass. Of course, there are obstacles on that side, too.

mem said...

My record time in Taboo was "New Jersey is the [blank] of America." Now my brother's record time was "[These] are totally sweet." Ahhhh, good times. I am so tired this morning that's about all I know how to say.

mem said...

HMM? I don't talk to invisible dogs or do any miming. I guess I do talk to myself.

I could not be Hannibal because my plans rarely come togeter. I also pity no fools, which disqualifies me from being BA (and I don't have a fear of flying, either).

So I feel like I have to be the smoooooth Faceman by default.

mem said...

Alright, alright, I fixed it. Are you happy now? Sheeeesh. ;)