Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Red Letter Days

As I'm sure we all know, today marks a special time of celebration for young and old alike.
It is certainly a great day to remember-perhaps by studying the 95 theses over again. Or at least you could pick up a Martin Luther is my Homeboy beer stein from Frank Turk's Pawnshop (how apropos is that?).

Happy Reformation Day!

I spent part of it getting tests done at the hospital, blech. The way I felt makes me profusely thankful that we are indeed saved by grace through faith alone-I wouldn't have merited much but the kick in the butt I got.

I think I will make a red Calvin hat if I feel up to it.


mem said...

Sorry to hear of your hospitalness. Seems to be a catching trend these days, though. Get better!

(Do you find it ironic that Reformation Day and Halloween are on the same day?)

gwensmom said...

Haha I spent Reformation day getting a checkup at the OBGYN- ewwww.