Saturday, 21 October 2006

Drawring of the Day

Sometimes I wonder how much of a wingnut I seem to to everyone else. Then I realize I am a wingnut and it's only fitting that I appear that way.

I am listening to old recordings of David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (he had the best accent, didn't he).
Anyway, I think he had a wonderful face so here is my drawing of the day: D Martyn Lloyd-Jones, done in a hatchy directional manner. Not really sure why I decided to do that, but I think it turned out nicely regardless. It was done relatively quickly, as I have an affinity for the look that produces.

I used the photo on the cover of the first biography by Iain Murray, which looks 20s-30s. Really Lloyd-Jones' face got more interesting as he got older (gained character of course) and I would have used a later picture, but this younger picture of him is a particular favorite type of photo portrait-good lighting which translates to sketch nicely and three-quarters view is my preferred angle.

I think I would do well on the weird peripheries of Christian blogging, heh (not the heretic country that is, just the tangential ). Anyone else in the blogosphere referencing Lloyd-Jones is going to mention his meticulous expositional preaching and theological output, for better or worse. Only here do you get an exclamation about what a delightful face he had. Told you I was a wingnut.

For the record, I have been set myself a challenge of a drawing a day for a month, mostly mundane things to improve my quick spot drawing. Today I decided to fall back on more familiar territory, hence the portrait.


gwensmom said...

You are my favorite wingnut <3

mem said...

I had tried to leave a comment, and I guess it didn't take.

In any case, the reason I like rain is contrast. The human eye is more sensitive to contrast than to brightness, in any case.

And "drawring" makes me think of Mike Myers' (fellow Canuck, eh?) SNL skits. "Would you like to see my drawrings?" I'm actually not very fond of his movies, but that line is kind of funny.

Char said...

Aw I'm honoured, Sarah. :)

My Name is Simon is exactly where I picked up that spelling BTW.