Wednesday, 16 November 2005

I'm Famous!

Well okay, no I'm not. But I feel as if I am!

I just received an email from my favorite magazine, Quilting Arts. They are retaining my self portrait quilt to tour with them to shows along with 75 others throughout the coming year! This is the best news I've gotten in awhile.
From the wording of the email I got, my quilt wasn't one of the 50 chosen for publication, but that doesn't really bother me-I didn't expect anything but a quick return and a form letter!

EeeEEeeE*grinning like an idiot*eeEEEEeeeE!


arlee said...

Char,i feel like an idiot!!! WHY didn't you toot your horn more!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Char said...

Thanks! Trust me, I tooted my horn all around town!