Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 in (Mostly) Camera Phone Pickshurs

Last year I noticed how the story of most of my year could be told by looking at my phone pictures. I thought about doing something like this then, but there were too many pictures to try to take off the phone and, as you all know, I'm lazy.

So I found this app called Flipagram which allowed me to make this from the phone really easily and decided to do it this year. Unfortunately it started to crash when I'd crop the photos how I wanted them, so by the third try I just stopped cropping; as a result it made some really crappy crops. ESPECIALLY disappointed that the "SUCK" part of the Bombers SUCK foamy is missing. Despite that it was kind of fun to do, almost wish I'd done that with the grey cup pictures. I do wish I could fade different songs in or something. Oh well it's pretty good for a simple free app.

I backed it with the theme song of Saskatchewan for 2013, Feeling Good by the Sheepdogs. With 2013 being the year of emerald, ISON and the Riders, things definitely came up green for us this year. I also saw them perform the song at Grey Cup and the Junos (those pictures being on Real Cameras).

Included are pictures of us at mem's wedding, Alex Cuba, The Unbearable Snow, Junos, The Great Throwdown, shootin guns, Regina Folk Fest, Paul McCartneeeeyyy!!, Cruz in the hospital, Play it Safe Day, The labour day game, the Sept 14 home game and the 101 Grey Cup (not so much of that cause those pics are already on here). And also James' cat Fergus mac Roich. Then some random ones.

I added a few of the best ones that weren't on camera phones, but alas am missing the one of me gettin ready to kill MARV, and the one of me in the igloo (that is on Holly's camera phone but never got it from her). The paper near the beginning is symbolic of the fact that I feel good I got out of the hell of the wretched Philadelphia International airport, btw.

Anyway started with a self portrait and ended with one ruined by Fergus. :)


mem said...

2013 was a pretty good year. So many fun moments--throwdown knives and wedding and beating the peg and also...coupe grey.

Still not sure how you managed to let Marv live. But I guess it's better to let the French have him anyway.

The wordthingy is itsdevo hankey, which sounds like a perversion of the Bevo mascot's handkerchief. Or something.

Char said...

Who says I let marv live???