Thursday, 24 March 2011

It's been five years

The anniversary of my dad's death reminded me of this song.

It seems like a long time of waiting. And I think of how different things are now than they were then. And how different I am. The ironic thing in it all is that that ordeal is what put me here now. God really is true to his word and he does reveal himself in contraries. Still I wish that I had one more chance...


mem said...

I obviously never met your dad...but from what you have said I think he would have made the trade to see you as you are today. I hope it is not trite to say that one can see in this the work of Christ, after a fashion, who gave up his own life to make us his own, and to form us in his image. Perhaps the suffering that he endured was the means by which God conformed you both to the image of his dear Son.

Also I said "one" because I know you hate it. And the word thing is belypt, which is the sawkward synonym for verklempt.

james g. said...

I love this post, sister. And I can see how this event made you what you are. And what you are is remarkable. There. Sincere. Don’t expect it every time.