Monday, 27 December 2010

I Know Just How He Felt

Earlier in the month, Rey wrote a pretty funny send up of the problems with Kenotic Arian anthropology. Read it here:

Was Jesus Upset About Santa?

I realize this is a little late, but I wanted all the KA stuff to point back to one place (ie MY blog) when The Don or The Don's minions stumble across it so that he (or the minions) can then contact me about his excellent forthcoming forward to the book. Mem even gave me a German subtitle: Lehrung der Tools. Or something like that. Hopefully The Don approves.

I bet Jesus was also was super excited about The Don writing a forward to his book so he knows just how I feel and will work to give me what he got! Right?


Rey said...

Can't wait until the Anti-Donnites stumble across repeating their You-Don't-Get-It mantra.

And Jesus suffered so he was really also sad when he found out the Don didn't write the forward to his book but Rick Warren did.

Char said...

But Reeeeyyyy, The Don DID write...

And I WILL get what he got!

Rey said...