Sunday, 10 August 2008

10 years from now I'll be even older! And more cantankerous.

Stan tagged me to do a short meme with a bizarre mix of questions. They are;

Q1. If you were to be in ministry 10 years from now (whether you’re in ministry now or not) what would you like to be doing and where?

Q2. If you could wake up tomorrow with a degree and all the learning that would have gone with it from any seminary which one would you pick and why?

Q3. What’s your poison: donuts, beer, wine, pizza, chocolate, twinkies, key-lime pie?

1. The Lord is a compassionate and gracious God slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness. Therefore I surmise that due to this great love for his children, he would keep me out of ministry of any kind, both now and 10 years from now.

As an aside I am hoping he does this by quickly returning 10 years before 10 years from now. Like say September. Now I'm not predicting that it will be September, make no mistake-because as my life quote says "God often works by contraries" and therefore I am sure he would make certain not to come back in September just because I said he would. I tend to think that as soon as someone gives a date I can rest assured he is not coming then. So I'm not saying he will, but I wouldn't complain if he did.

So I'm crossing my fingers for new earth...

2. Uh Oxford at the time of Owen? Then I could see if he actually talked like that also. I am convinced he really thought in latin all the time.

3. I consume theology books. Next to that I react badly to caffeine, but I still drink tea and pop.

I don't think my readership extends to five, but anyone who reads this and feels like doing it can consider themselves tagged.


Stan McCullars said...

Oxford at the time of Owen

Brilliant! That's why I tagged you.

I don't think my readership extends to five, but anyone who reads this and feels like doing it can consider themselves tagged.

That doesn't include me since I was already tagged, does it?

gwensmom said...

You ARE in ministry - with fabric and thread! Your quilts and fiber art pieces are things of beauty whether their themes are religious or secular. They are as inspiring as any cathedral, passage of scripture or grand organ arrangement.

You give people something lovely to think on.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Stan McCullars said...

As gwensmom said, Your quilts and fiber art pieces are things of beauty whether their themes are religious or secular.

See. I told you so!

Char said...

Sarah you are too sweet. Want some mail??

Marc said...

At least you're posting once every 2 or 3 months or so. That's something I guess...

mjfreshoil said...

You are a wonderful soul.... please keep doing what you do. I will be visiting your blog more often, so I guess I will be reader six.

I agree with Stan. What you do is ministry. You glorify God with your talent and others get to experience it. Its a wonderful gifting. I have no real artistic talent. All I can do is teach, which at times is perceived as and sometimes is boring.

Char said...

Thanks for your comment, mjfreshoil. Teaching is by no means a lesser gift-my dad was a teacher by profession.

So how did you find my obscure little blog? Do you have a site of your own?

mem said...

I think your yelling probably draws people here somehow. My computer is back up. I will try to email you sometime. But I am going to sleep first.

mem said...

I don't recall asking permission to sleep, thankyouverymuch. I will send you a response as soon as I can--I thought I had one in draft or sent, but obviously it was in my dreams or something.

I have honestly only been home one day in the past week or so, outside of sleeping. Today will be no better because I am meeting a friend from college, probably in the city (yar), and so I will basically be out after work.

My dad is also asking me to get some work done for him, too, which will be finished tomorrow-ish, at least I hope so, and I have no real idea what else is going on. My brain is fried right now.

mem said...

Who's whining? I'd rather be busy than bored for sure.

I should have some time tonight to respond to your email. It will crush your arguments and most of your dreams.

And I'm really not sure exactly what you were aiming for with that business of 29 spankings, but for the first time I am marginally scared of you.

miles said...

Hey Char,

Actually finding your little blog took a little bit of work. I found you one day while looking at Theologica. I saw your picture, and something sort of attracted me to you... even in the picture. The rest, as they say is history. I dont have a webpage/blog of my own, so I hope we stay in touch here.

Char said...

Hey Miles, what is your username on Theologica? We can be fwiends!

mem said...

Can I get pie for waxing your SIL? I've been busy at work, too—for my dad this time. Life is somehow unrelenting.

The only pirate I will consider being is the dread pirate Roberts.

Isn't 30 minus 1 the same as 29? You're the one turning old, so how did I get stuck with the lashes? My final Pie Payment will be in the mail tomorrow.