Monday, 3 December 2007


Richard and Avery came down this weekend and Richard treated us to a fresh application of his own special brand of annoyingness-mostly by taking many terrible pictures this time around.

This is the picture Richard took of me (I am standing at the bathroom sink) while I was trying to tell him how to work the camera.

He thinks terrible pictures of me are somehow funny.

I retaliate with this.
Okay terrible pictures can be funny. If they aren't of me. Don't you love the horns his toque made in his hair? Right at this point we were discussing how cool it would be to play the labour day classic as nonchalantly as possible and then make a round about Taylor Field (yes TAYLOR FIELD) with the cup.

Since we're posting terrible pictures of everyone, here is one of marvin k haggler (aka mumbley peg/hieme h manush/mothra) and my hand. This picture made Richard and I both laugh.

Mama hates it and when auntie linder tells her I posted it she'll probably give me a beating. I know she can still do it because about five minutes after this I said to her "see if you can catch me Mama!" and jumped on her-and she did manage to do it so even though she's getting all super old and true seniorhood looms imminently, she can still carry my weight-which means she can still whip me around. Having said that I probably weigh below max lifting weight for labour standards.

And Grandma and Avery.

Well at least it's a good picture of Grandma anyway. I think Avery is trying to be a raptor or something. I got partially cut out of the picture.

Avery squealing as I did the old "don't smile-tissues" routine. I had to leave the red-eye in there.

This kid does not know how to take teasing-I blame only child syndrome. He gets very angry so that we laugh and do it even more, just like we used to do to Liz-the best cure for only child syndrome is the tissues routine. He was so mad. Bwahahahahaha perfect.

Me laughing while we teased Avery.
I wanted to post this one simply because mama's camera flash does not make my hair look orange. I am trying to get her to trade cameras with me now based on that fact alone.

Richard sitting in dad's chair looking like dad. When I told him that he said "hey better that than the milkman."


mem said...

I again reiterate my last comment in my email. And I ROARED at your brother's comment. Mom thought it was pretty hilarious too. Oh man. That was good.

The "wordthingy" is sucbbmwi, which is some kind of underwater succubus.

mem said...

Also, OSU is in the national title game. Hopefully we won't embarrass ourselves like last year.

mem said...

No, I just shoot snippets of the funny stuff their way. The number two at the gym uses a wood stove and he loves it. And honestly, I didn't mind it either.

I hope your thoughts are marginally charitable.

I'm going to bed. It's only 8:30 your time. Haha.

mem said...

Yes, yes, living in Bumble I'm sure teaches you exactly how to shop efficiently.

I have already purchased enough presents for myself this year (see self present extraordinaire). But I will keep those things in mind. There can't be that many shiny phone/camera/etc-thingies around.

Basically I made you read it because I like putting you through horrible tedious things. Actually, I didn't find the video until after I found the transcript.

mem said...

also, i've been meaning to ask—what is the tissues routine?

mem said...

So you prefer angry children to sulky children?

I always just tell them that they are not allowed to smile, and that they're doing a good thing by being sad and whiney. Then I proceed to ignore their pain.

mem said...

I'm glad you thought of me when you were bored. ... I think.