Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Shoe Blues...

I only have 27 pairs of shoes and none of them are blue. This led me to the realization about a year ago that I absolutely needed a pair of blue shoes-not navy and not turquoise mind you but a cobalt blue-and set out to look for them. I didn't count on them being particularly difficult to find-though I probably should have as I am impossibly picky about such things.

After scouring shoe stores across the county (such a difficult job!) and having to put up with my mother showing me disgusting crocs and saying "well they're blue, heheh"-to which my reply is should hideous crocs really be honoured with the title of "shoe"? Isn't this a fairly apt comparison to Finney as a theologian? Shouldn't they rather be called " unsightly blobs of pure evil, only to be destroyed at the second coming along with death and hades"? Sure less catchy but I'm all for truth in advertising. They are probably manufactured by the minions of Satan, otherwise known as Monsanto.

Anyway, after the stench of so many crocs, I finally found them.

Blue shoes!!! So perdy. Patent is kind of meh, but I could live with that. They are T-straps, that makes up for just about anything. And for our colour blind friends, did I mention they are blue!

Then I find out that the only places that carry them are in the US and will not ship out of country. Discriminators! Don't they realize how much I need the blue shoes!? Just because I could only wear them three months of the year does not mean I wouldn't rock them during those three months. Because I would.

WAAAAA I want my blue shoes.


mem said...

re shoes: Are you serious? 27 pairs? Where do you go in 27 pairs of shoes? That's a number big enough that I'm not grammatically required to spell it out! *reels*

re dogs: The only real reason the dogs were barking at me is because they're protected by the fence. They bark a lot. The neighbor actually asked me if I'd take some shots of them sometime for real—introduce us and all so they wouldn't be so angry all the time.

re relations: I have been extraordinary blessed, and that probably beyond my ability to appreciate. And I will contact my aunt regarding mail art. She tends to deal in crafts rather than paints or pencils, though she has a fairly good hand with cards and the like. But her miniatures are to die for.

gwensmom said...

Crocs aren't all that bad. Mine look great with my straight leg jeans. ;)

Char said...

*gasp* You are a damn liberal! :-P

mem said...

Well, if you can never have enough shoes, perhaps I'll have to get you some thousand-milers or something. They're not blue, but they'll last forever!