Sunday, 25 February 2007

I have a secret...

A favorite lyric of mine! Of course Petra would give us the proper interpretation of Ro 7!
Jekyll and Hyde; Acrylic

ETA: I have ran the scan through some filters so it looks a little smoother. Not as much detail, but it's a bit more reminiscent of the actual piece.

This is technically one of the older designs I planned, originally designed as a "masquerade" deco a while before I started the project. I would love to see that deco again!! Still hoping it makes it's way home one day-though if it hits a bunch of people like me it will take quite awhile...

After stabbing myself for the nineteenth time working on the crappy lino for The Coloring Song, I took a break and decided to move on to the painless though messy layers of this. I had to really kick up the contrast to get the image to show in the scan. It is very dark and murky in reality. Of course this also makes the brush lines very apparent, as well as the colour layers beneath. I attempted a pseudo-mische technique with transparent acrylics and gel medium. It worked to a certain degree as some of the layers lifted (so it looks particularly blue in places), so I guess true mische is the way to go for those of us who do not have WMRC in our homes to knock the piece to the floor in the week each layer takes to dry.

Anyway, between this one, The Colouring Song, and Stand I have my "quota" for the month. Heh.


mem said...

I like it! Masq's are mystery for me, though I have not thought of them in a long time. I always appreciated that Bob would write about the conflict between the spirit and the flesh—Dead Reckoning is easily one of the my top favorite Petra songs of all time. ("On a hill long ago / where the blood runs below / died a King, two thieves, and you" is an amazing lyric.)

Thousand-milers are a kind of shoe made out of tires. My aunt made me a miniature some time ago; I'll have to see if I can find it and picture it for you. You probably would not like them for any number of reasons, and I can see them becoming the next fad that you absolutely hate. (I would hate that fad also.) They are, however, extremely useful and cheap to make, and will last practically forever.

It's good to see more work. You may be able to do more with levels tweaking, btw, than with contrast; I don't know what program you're using, but most touch-up programs (Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, the Gimp) have some form of levels editing for color correction. It can help avoid the ugliness of contrast enhancement.

mem said...

I am not usually fond of bookstores, either, no matter which they are. I have an older friend in Columbus who used to run a used bookstore (how's that for linguistic confusion?). We would do a Bible study every other Wednesday at another friend's home, and beforehand he would treat me to dinner (at what he referred to as the "medicare diner" due to the geriatric clientele) and a trip to some of the used bookstores of Columbus. We'd look for history, theology, and (mostly me) technology books. It was a big relief from the tedium of school. He was a big fan of the OT, too; you'd enjoy his company.

When I can find the shoe, I'll take a picture for it. Just for sake of sharing in your visual pains, I did a Google image search and didn't find anything that really resembled the mini I have. It's considerably more utilitarian, which is a bit better than dressed up for something like this (in my opinion).

So I'm kind of itching to see how the Coloring Song turned out, since the color scheme is essentially written out in the lyrics. Just try not to do any permanent damage to yourself (or the WMRC) in the process of finishing. I recently acquired some bird pictures that you might find amusing.

mem said...

Ahhhh, the picture trail site. Of course. Speaking of pictures, now for a limited time, see thousand milers. Well, mini thousand milers. Er, miler.

Okay, so it totally took me fifteen minutes to get here, since I wandered off in your CIP and got lost. (Good job, then.) I did enjoy Coloring Song—the stamp is nice, though Picture Trail doesn't give the closeup I'd like for some more texture detail. But it is good.

And boots are for wussies. (I was often yelled at by my RA for running the trash out in bare feet.) ... Of course, it's not Canada here.

mem said...

So I also decided that women have a love-hate relationship with small things. Things that would be normally quite hideous large may be perfectly acceptable in small form, like shoes or cryptosporidia. Other small things that would be equally horrible in large form, like dung beetles or nail clippings, are viewed with a sort of disgust normally reserved, say, for straight-legged jeans.

That said, I agree that in men's size twelve, it would take a certain ensemble (and perhaps body type) to pull of wearing thousand milers with any degree of respectability.

The bigger picture is better. Now I'm going to have to go through all the rest of them to see if there are enlargements. (Sounds like work tomorrow just got more interesting....)

mem said...

Does that mean you're still awake? If so, there's certainly treatments available for what must be a very distressing problem. (I'm kind of trying to imitate your comment spam, and I'm not sure if it's working at all.)

On an unrelated note, sometime I am going to rework my pictures site. (My life is exciting.)