Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Webernet Feeds Laziness.

I have decided I need to cut down on reading interesting useless things on the www for a while. I have been rather neglecting things like art and leaving the house (though I do that every winter so nothing new)-I figure I am going to give myself a certain amount of time per day on the crackernet-uh I mean internet, and then go find other things to do. I refuse to do a complete self-imposed exile however, since cold turkey just doesn't work. For example, look at The Pyromaniacs' so called hiatus.

A good quarter of the comments are from Frank Turk and Dan Phillips-and he may not be commenting, but you know Phil Johnson is trolling on the blog practically EVERY day, reading comments and/or fiddling with the chalkboard.

Blog hiatus.

Yet more proof that the pyros need to work on their sanctification (I am aware that makes no sense-but don't I sound like the other haterz?).

And yes, I was looking at a blog with nothing but a chalkboard-hence the realization I need to quit wasting time trolling. I need to work on my own sanctification, obviously-my OCD is showing again.


mem said...

You're taking a break from the Internets just in time to avoid cluing me in about those strange words you uttered in my comments. Which leave me shaking in my boots. No, really.

But I agree. I am fortunate that my biggest hobby requires me to leave the house. Busy days tend to keep me out of trouble (but not from commenting on blogs at work...hmmmmm).

mem said...

So if it doesn't count against your allotment, is it because my blog is boring? Or useful? Or both? (Since you're cutting down on interesting useless things.) Or because you've decided you'll permit yourself to troll on personal blogs instead of trolling on theological ones?

Can we make 613 volumes out of this? ;)

mem said...

Hey! I never said I was boring. Just that in bizarro world, my blog might could possibly be construed that way, recent comment outbursts notwithstanding.

I actually tried Googling your words to fill in the gaps in my gaping ignorance of Rez Speak but failed miserably. This is not surprising; Cree dictionaries are not common online.

And I have spent the last twenty minutes trying to learn Cree grammar thanks to that ill-timed Google search.



PS - this double (arg, triple now) authentication thing to post comments has got to stop sometime.

mem said...

I do hope the limits produce more artwork—I enjoy looking at your projects.

I had an acquaintance in college whose friend learned a bit of German from her and would sign her emails "Doch" (both a flavoring word and a positive yes to a negative question; this, of course, has nothing to do with greetings or goodbyes, but was nonetheless somewhat amusing. I guess it doesn't really translate as well to Cree or what have you).

Your challenge to pronounce Owatinay (Oo-WUH-teh-nay?), however, caused me to waste a lot of time on Cree grammar and pronunciation. Watching Bob and John in Flekkeroy did exactly the same thing—I spent hours trying to learn how to pronounce Norwegian words. (I actually thought about working in Oslo once.) You now know my biggest weakness—please don't abuse it!