Sunday, 9 April 2006

Augustine and other things

Of all the things that have been eating up my time for the last long while, I only have one left-my final practicum. I simply can't wait until I'm finished with it all, I'm going to take a vacation and do nothing but sleep. :)

I did start up with CIP again, finishing three songs from one of their lesser loved albums, God Fixation. Yes, I am indeed still determined to finish! I got going on the main work of the piece, St Augustine's Pears (and no his face isn't that much darker than his hands; the piece is a little warped):

I recently read the Confessions, (from which I used two quotations at my dad's funeral-mom would not allow me to use Athanasius' wonderfully powerful and polemic On the Incarnation-I told her if she's still around when I die, I TOTALLY want Athanasius read! I think I'll put that in my will, as I don't want anyone making the mistake of declaring death natural or good at mine, and I will haunt anyone who says I have gone home!) anyway, I noticed that many of Bob's songs have kind of an Augustinian bent, so I decided to make this a bit of a centrepiece in terms of time and work spent.

This is an egg tempera work, based on modern coptic iconography (not as creepy as normal iconography). I gessoed the panel, mixed the paint et al myself, so it was rather labour intesive compared to what I normally do. I made some intentional "mistakes" to maintain imperfection in the piece. I think it turned out reasonably, considering that it is the second tempera piece I have completed. Tempera is a crazy behaving medium, no wonder oil became so popular when it was introduced!
I may still fiddle a little bit...


marc said...

I like it. You sure are more than just a craftsperson, you're an artist... but then again I liked Brett's hand and butterfly painting. :-)

Char said...

heheh, I liked that picture too. I couldn't believe what harsh critics some of your blog readers are.

mem said...

I thought it was only fair to tell you I added you to my blogroll—and should you desire, I can remove you. I've enjoyed the artwork, untrained eyes and all. ;)


mem said...

I should mention, mine is